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Annual Action Plan

The Annual Action Plan updates the Nebraska Housing and Community Development Consolidated Plan, a five-year plan addressing the state's housing and community development needs. The purpose of each annual action plan is to:

Summarize the state's five-year priorities and strategies for housing, homelessness, community development, and economic development;

  • Describe what the state proposes to do to further the five-year priorities and strategies of the Consolidated Plan;
  • Explain the state's method for distributing CDBG, HOME, HTF, ESG, HSATF, and Housing Trust Fund monies. Activities funded from these five programs must meet the priorities identified in the five year Consolidated Plan;
  • List the resources available to grantees and the state to further the five-year strategies;
  • Report on specific items required by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), such as lead-based paint actions and removal of barriers to affordable housing;
  • Review citizen comments about the Annual Action Plan and give a response from the Department of Economic Development.

The below revised document, originally posted on 1/23/17, has revised page numbering due to typos, and the content has not changed.

Proposed 2017 AAP NEW ITEM 01/23/2017 (4.31 MB)

Proposed 2017 AAP PowerPoint Presentation NEW ITEM 01/26/2017 (1.17 MB)

Proposed 2016 AAP Substantial Amendment for HTF NEW ITEM 7/13/2016 (715 KB)

2016 AAP HUD Approved FINAL NEW ITEM 8/9/2016 (8.12 MB)

Four Factor Analysis & Language Assistance Plan in PDF (105 KB)

2016 Proposed Annual Action Plan in PDF NEW ITEM 01/14/2016

Appendix for the Proposed 2016 Annual Action Plan NEW ITEM 01/15/2016

2015 Annual Action Plan in PDF

Appendix for 2015-2019 Consolidated Plan & 2015 AAP in PDF (9.31 MB)

2015 Nebraska Affordable Housing Trust Fund Qualified Allocation Plan (837KB)

2014 AAP Final (1.794MB)

Slides for Public Meeting on Proposed 2014 AAP (1.32MB)

Proposed 2014 Annual Action Plan (1.54MB)

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