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Opportunity Zones

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 authorized the governor of each U.S. state and territory to nominate a certain number of qualifying census tracts as β€œOpportunity Zones.” The purpose of the program is to promote investment and drive economic growth in low-income and/or economically disadvantaged communities. Investors can subsequently create β€œopportunity funds,” which are used to spur economic growth in designated Zones and are eligible for tax incentives.

Community Development Assistance Act (CDAA)

This Act provides tax credits to entities that support approved community betterment projects.

International Resources

The Nebraska Department of Economic Development, International Team, works with Nebraska businesses to expand their international efforts, as well as foster international investments in the state. To support this work the International Team maintains a list of relevant resources for companies we assist. Government Government: β€’ Nebraska Department of Agriculture […]

COVID-19 Recommended Best Practices for Barbers and Salons

COVID-19 Recommended Best Practices for Barbers and Salons