Alliance, Neb. is recertified until November 2019

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Alliance, Neb. is recertified until November 2019

Alliance, Neb. (pop. 8,498), has earned its recertification in the Nebraska Economic Development Certified Community Program. The city was originally certified in November 2009 and recertified this past November.

The program is sponsored by the Nebraska Diplomats and administered by the Nebraska Department of Economic Development (DED).  Designation as a Nebraska Economic Development Certified Community indicates that Alliance is prepared for business growth and ready to meet the needs of companies seeking new business and industrial locations.

“I congratulate the City of Alliance and all of its stakeholders in taking the time and making the effort to become recertified in our Economic Development Certified Community Program,” said Annette Wiles, Nebraska Diplomats President.  “Becoming certified and recertified takes a lot of hard work and commitment, and therefore demonstrates to all parties just how committed a community is in forging and building its future.”

“I’d like to thank not only the Nebraska Diplomats for honoring Alliance with this recertification, but thank and credit Box Butte Development Corporation Executive Director Chelsie Herian for her hard work on this achievement,” said J.D. Cox, Alliance City Manager. “I also recognize the BBDC board of directors for their leadership. We’re fortunate that our city and development organization work so well together.”

“The BBDC board of directors is happy to, once again, be named a Nebraska Economic Development Certified Community. This designation allows us to continue providing economic support to new and existing businesses in the Alliance area,” said Shawn Nelson, BBDC Board Past-President. “Executive Director Chelsie Herian is to be commended for her work in the recertification process. She does a fantastic job for BBDC and the communities of Alliance and Hemingford. BBDC looks forward to assisting Alliance and Hemingford with their housing, work force and economic development needs now and in the future.”

Accomplishments in Alliance during the past five years include:

The Nebraska Department of Economic Development awarded BBDC $286,200 from its Site & Building Development fund in May 2013 to develop the Box Butte Industrial Site. The City of Alliance’s LB840 program matched this amount $1 for $1. The money went toward acquiring a 31.24 acre site, and developing infrastructure to the site, including installing water and sanitary sewer lines and developing a street.

The City received funding from the Nebraska Investment Finance Authority’s Housing Study Grant Program to update its housing study.

BBDC partnered with the Alliance Chamber of Commerce to establish a local Business Retention & Expansion program. The program provided the Development Corporation with the opportunity to learn about local companies’ expansion plans, barriers to growth and recruitment challenges, as well as offer assistance to any and all companies requesting it.

Two new manufacturing businesses located in the county resulting in 12 new jobs.

Fifty new small businesses opened in the county, resulting in 92 new jobs.

Fourteen existing businesses expanded, resulting in new capital investment and ten new jobs.

Dacia Kruse, DED acting director, was on hand at the January 6 city council meeting to recognize Alliance Mayor Ralph Yeager, Alliance City Manager J.D Cox, BBDC Executive Director Chelsie Herian, BBDC President Ellen Dillon, and the BBDC  board for their continued involvement in the Economic Development Certified Community program.

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