To login into your AmpliFund account to your Application (Applicant Portal) or Award Management (Recipient Portal) follow this link,
Browser: Log into the Application Portal or Recipient Portal using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Edge.

Use the FAQ sections as additional resources to AmpliFund’s Applicant Portal and Recipient Portal.

NOTE: Not all User Guides are applicable to all Programs

Videos – Application Timeline – How to Apply
1. Getting Started – Registering and Applicant Portal
2. Opportunity Details & Project Information
3. Forms
4. Budget (Not applicable to all programs)
5. Performance Plan (Not applicable to all programs)
6. Submitting and Downloading App


Videos – Applicant Portal
1. How to Reset a Password
2. Switching between recipient and applicant portal
Assign Recipient Grant Manager and Adding Users to Recipient Portal
How to Add Users in the Recipient Portal
Navigation within the Recipient Portal and How to Find Awards
How to Create Expenses
How to Review Expenses
How to Create a Budget Reporting Period


Recipient Portal