CDBG Funds Rehabilitate Local Housing For Lower-Income Residents in Fremont

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CDBG Funds Rehabilitate Local Housing For Lower-Income Residents in Fremont

To improve their community, the City of Fremont (population 26,340), wanted to provide an opportunity for lower-income residents to rehabilitate homes.

Through the assistance of CDBG, they ignited a higher quality of life within their town.

Overall, the city was awarded a total of $327,333 in CDBG Community Revitalization funds for their housing rehab efforts. Fremont also raised matching funds that were leveraged toward public works improvements. The CDBG funds were used to rehab owner-occupied and rental single housing unit properties. A community needs assessment survey indicated that the majority of people identified housing as a concern.

Recognizing the need to rehabilitate its housing, city council members incorporated housing into the community action plan with the objective of improving the outer appearance and physical condition of existing homes.

Repairs that were completed include roofing, siding, window replacement, plumbing and electrical updates, cement work, bathroom remodels for ADA accessibility, painting, and flooring. Per housing program requirements, all lead based paint hazards were addressed and all repairs completed met minimum rehabilitation standards.

One rental rehab property owner stated:

“We are very grateful for the opportunity to participate in the rental rehabilitation program with the City of Fremont. We purchased this small house for my Mom to live in during 2009 and since then I had been searching for low interest options that would allow us to replace the furnace, central air unit and water softener. We also needed to install siding and new windows. The cost of these items was staggering for a small one-bedroom home and this program provided a way for us to do these projects. The Northeast Nebraska Development District (NENEDD) staff was very helpful with the application process and oversight during construction of the project. The final results are amazing and have made this property a great contribution to the neighborhood.”

Fourteen homes were rehabilitated in Fremont with the help of CDBG funding. As a result, citizens are showing more pride and continuing to invest in Fremont through involvement in community projects.

Homeowners are excited and proud to have newly renovated homes. The housing rehabilitation project has spurred improvements among neighboring homeowners as a compliment to those of their neighbors. The newly rehabbed housing has created a transformative impact on Fremont, improved the lives of all residents, and built community assets. The effective implementation of this housing program is sure to increase the likelihood of future successful community betterment projects in Fremont.