Comprehensive Development Benefits Neighborhoods in Nebraska City

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Comprehensive Development Benefits Neighborhoods in Nebraska City

“Vision” is first and foremost on the minds of Nebraska City citizens as they continuously work to identify new waves of improvements for their community.

Since 1982, Nebraska City (pop. 7,228) has participated in the Nebraska Department of Economic Development’s Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) housing programs. A comprehensive development project targeting the south central part of the City provided housing rehabilitation for eight homeowners as well as paved ten blocks of graveled streets. Since then, the City has participated in eight target area housing rehabilitation programs, one rental-rehabilitation program, and two down payment assistance programs, all using CDBG funds for housing.

Nebraska City’s latest CDBG program, which involved $250,000 awarded funding in 2007 provided down payment assistance to 12 new homebuyers, a composite of moderate-and low-income persons and families. Beneficiaries included single female homebuyers, single female head of household homebuyers, and small family homebuyers. All of the new homeowners had previously been renters.

In support of each project, the Nebraska City Council has provided required local matching funds. Local Lenders and Realtors® also have supported and participated in rehabilitation and down payment assistance programs. The Nebraska City Chamber of Commerce and Nebraska City Area Economic Development Corp. created steering committees to lead the way for each project development. Thanks to the available CDBG funding, Nebraska City citizens enjoy safer and more attractive homes and neighborhoods, and look forward to further opportunity for development.