The Nebraska Department of Economic Development (DED) has announced awards totaling approximately $5.3 million to 14 recipients under the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program’s Public Works funding opportunity.

A federal Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) program, administered by DED on behalf of Nebraska’s non-entitlement communities, CDBG dollars exist to help communities tackle projects that enhance public health and safety, economic well-being, local vitality and quality of life.

The announced Public Works awards total $5,331,787 and will support crucial facility and infrastructure projects, from new sidewalks and fire hydrants, to fire safety, to critical flood control and everything in between.

“Local infrastructure is a central part of economic development that cannot be overlooked,” said DED Director Anthony L. Goins. “The CDBG Public Works program allows us as a state to support communities as they make a positive impact through infrastructure projects that enhance their well-being and potential for growth.”

Project descriptions related to this announcement are provided below. To learn more about funding options available to Nebraska communities under the CDBG program, including the Public Works opportunity, visit Or contact Steve Charleston at or 402-471-3757.



CDBG Public Works Awards


Village of Anselmo: $401,597

The Village of Anselmo will receive funding to update and expand its existing community center.


Village of Bellwood: $419,660

The Village of Bellwood will use CDBG funding for sidewalks and new fire hydrants to establish a safe pedestrian walkway, which will include concrete paths and ADA compliant ramps.


Village of Brownville: $309,500

The Village of Brownville is preparing to replace the box culvert at the intersection of 7th and Main Streets, and to repave the street above.


Village of Brunswick: $327,045

The Village of Brunswick will improve Franklin Street, which is a well-traveled street leading into/out of the Village that had fallen into disrepair.


Village of Cordova: $365,000

The Village of Cordova is preparing to implement a street improvement project by making repairs to Socrates Street.


Village of Dannebrog: $435,000

The Village of Dannebrog will improve formerly dirt/gravel streets: First Street from Roger Welsch Avenue to Depot Street; Depot Street from First Street to approximately Second Street; and Copenhagen Street from Mill Street North to Pioneer Boulevard.


Village of Leshara: $335,000      

The Village of Leshara is preparing to implement a street and drainage improvement project within municipal limits. During the Phase I Leshara Street improvement project, six streets will undergo drainage improvements. The drainage improvements will utilize the existing open ditch drainage network and open channel flow.


Village of Loup City: $435,000

The City of Loup City is preparing to implement a street improvement project within municipal limits. Two streets will be improved: R Street from Seventh Street to Ninth Street and N Street from Fourth Street to Sixth Street.


Village of Newcastle: $435,000

The Village of Newcastle is preparing to implement a street improvement project involving two streets within municipal limits.



Village of Pleasanton: $435,000

The Village of Pleasanton is preparing to implement a street improvement project for seven streets: Pine Street from Elm Street to Walnut Street; Maple Street from Elm Street to Walnut Street; Sycamore Street from Walnut Street to Cemetery Street; Walnut Street from Pine Street to Sycamore Street; Cedar Street from Pine Street to Sycamore Street; Elm Street from Pine Street to Maple Street; and Church Street from the school to Sycamore Street.


City of Red Cloud: $288,750

The City of Red Cloud will conduct a unique flood control drainage improvement project that includes rehabilitation and improvement of an established flood control dam (and emergency spillway) located one mile northwest of the city. The funding will help the city reduce flooding and meet the standards of the Nebraska Department of Natural Resources.


Village of Sprague: $432,235

The Village of Sprague is preparing to implement a street and drainage improvement project within municipal limits on Water Street from 2nd Street to Sprague Road. Four drainage ditches will also be improved. These areas all experience a common issue where the existing culverts and ditches are silted-in and/or undersized, which causes water to pool and overrun the streets during rain events before heading toward adjacent buildings.


City of Wayne: $303,000

The City of Wayne will be using CDBG funds to improve an existing swimming pool bath house to become an all-season recreational facility to house events such as picnics, Boy and Girl Scout meetings and family reunions, and to create an ADA accessible trailhead and connect the park to Wayne’s already established trail system. The project will also include a pathway that will be ADA compliant, which will connect the facility with the trails.


City of Wymore: $410,000

The City of Wymore is preparing to purchase one rescue pumper fire truck to service the city. The truck will replace two fire trucks that have been removed from service, ensuring the city meets its firefighting needs.