necenter1Nebraska has over 275 businesses owned, or partially owned, by foreign companies. Japan accounts for 31 of these companies.

Nebraska’s export shipments of merchandise in 2004 totaled $2.3 billion, with $193 million going to Japan, our third largest trading partner.

There are over 120 Nebraska companies actively involved in trade with Japan. Product areas are diverse, and include:
automotive parts and supplies, medical/surgical related equipment and supplies, educational materials, water purification systems, lawn maintenance equipment, sporting goods, electronic equipment & components, and grain handling and storage equipment.

Nebraska has a strong and long-term relationship with Japan. There are two Sister City relationships the state has with Japan. Shizuoka is Omaha’s first sister city, and 2005 was the 40th anniversary of this relationship. Hastings has had a Sister City Relationship with Ozu for over 10 years.

Stemming from the Omaha/Shizuoka Sister City partnership in 1965, which concentrated their efforts on cultural and educational exchanges,  we have grown into this current relationship between the State of Nebraska and Shizuoka Prefecture. While there are still efforts to strengthening the cultural and educational ties, there is a large emphasis on economic development efforts and medical technology exchanges.

Since 1991 Nebraska has had seven Governor-led trade missions to Japan, the last one occurring in 2003. In 2004, Governor Ishikawa led a Shizuoka Prefecture mission to Nebraska.

Nebraska currently has an Honorary Commercial Attaché in Osaka, representing the state in the Kansai area of Japan. We have had this representation since 1985.

Nebraska has been a member of the Midwest U.S. – Japan Association since 1987, and hosted the annual conference in 1999.

Nebraska also has a Japanese school in Omaha for Japanese families to send their children to learn the Japanese language and culture.