necenter1Transportation and Logistics
Nebraska offers unparalleled advantages for transportation, warehousing and logistics:

  • Speed to Markets
  • First Class Infrastructure
  • Minimal Congestion
  • Consistency of Service
  • Cost of Doing Business

The state is centrally located and can reach most of the United States by truck in two days. Interstate 80 runs through Nebraska and is the most direct interstate between major east and west coast markets. Several North-South trade corridors for NAFTA countries run through the state as well, making Nebraska the center point for distribution in all of North America. Nebraska is also served by two Class 1 rail systems, has two general use Foreign Trade Zones, and more than 8,000 licensed motor carrier companies operate in the state.

The Nebraska Advantage package offers companies that invest at least $10 million and create 100 new jobs in Nebraska a new 10-year personal property taxexemption used in distribution facilities. It also provides a sales tax refund, a jobs credit, and investment credits for qualifying businesses.

Additionally, as a value added Nebraska Department of Economic Development service, we have a council of transportation, warehousing, distribution and logistic experts available to design a customized model for all your importing/exporting and distribution needs in the United States. A no cost door-to-door analysis will assist you in the most competitive, cost efficient delivery of your goods.

Ideal location, low traffic congestion, positive business climate, quality affordable workforce, and tax incentives are just a few of the many reasons to make Nebraska the home for your business.

The advantage in Nebraska is that medical and bioscience technologies are being applied… and business is thriving. Over 90% of Nebraska’s employment and company investments in the expanding bioscience and medical technologies industry are engaged in the production of products which benefit both human and agriculture needs, and distributed worldwide. Such internationally recognized company names as Pfizer, Novartis, Teledyne Isco, MDS Pharma Services, Schering-Plough Animal Health, 3M Corporation, and Becton, Dickinson and Company, all have major production facilities in Nebraska. These companies have already recognized the advantages Nebraska offers to their businesses.

New research & development tax credits and state incentives for start-up businesses and knowledge-based companies are an added advantage. Those benefits are now available to companies choosing to locate or expand their new technologies through the Nebraska Advantage Act… designed to stimulate new business development. These advantages, and the opportunity to partner or collaborate with Nebraska’s two major medical centers in research and development can benefit the start-up or commercialization of your new technology.

Medical Advantages
The University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) offers degrees to some 3,000 students in the health professions and graduate degrees in biomedical sciences. Together with its affiliated hospital, the campus is staffed by some 8,000 employees. UNMC is a National Cancer Institute-designated Research and Clinical Cancer Center, and is known for their research and healthcare of cancer patients. UNMC also is one of the
largest bone marrow and organ transplant centers in the United States.

UNMC is committed to moving the results of innovative research into the health care system and collaborating with the biotechnology industry nationally and internationally to achieve that purpose.

At UNMC there is an active program of quality research, paired with a flexible approach to technology transfer, that leads to economic development through collaborative programs based on complementary technologies and research interests. Targeted areas of collaboration include: nanotechnology, transplantation biology, nutriceuticals , robotics, neurosciences, and bioterrorism preparedness.

UNMC is seeking commercial opportunities, collaborative partnerships with industry, and institutional collaboration based on complementary technology and research interests.

The international program at the Medical Center has grown to more than 100 strategic global partners in 41 countries, and each year facilitates bringing in hundreds of international patients for treatment, as well as many international researchers, students and prominent speakers to Nebraska.

This program also i dentifies Possibilities and develops strategic research and business alliances with International research centers and companies, with areas of focus including cancer research, drug delivery, bioinformatics as well as pharmaceutical research & development.

Nebraska is a world-class leader in producing high quality, abundant, and affordable food supply, made possible by our state’s farmers and ranchers.

Nebraska, known as the “ Cornhusker State”, is the third largest corn-producing state in the United States. Climate, soil type, ample irrigation, and progressive farming techniques are a few reasons why Nebraska farmers consistently produce a high quality, extremely reliable and abundant supply of corn for the world market. Nebraska is the number one irrigated corn state with over 84,000 wells, and is home to every major center pivot manufacturer. The Nebraska Corn Board regularly plays host to delegations of foreign visitors, including grain buyers from Japan.

Wheat is another top product of Nebraska. Japan is one of the U.S. wheat producer’s largest customers. The Nebraska Wheat Board, at times, hosts Japanese Flour Millers trade teams to enhance and strengthen our relationships and to learn first hand what Japanese customers want. Since 50% of Nebraska’s wheat production is exported it is important to produce what customers want and to build personal relationships that will help increase our trade.

Nebraska also produces a large amount of soybeans, and is ranked 5th in soybean production in the United States. In 1999, Approximately 4,300,000 acres were planted and 4,250,000 acres were harvested in Nebraska. Over 20,000 Nebraska farms plant soybeans.

The Nebraska Beef Cattle Industry is the state’s single largest industry and an engine that powers the state’s economy. Nebraska ranks 2nd in live animal and meat exports totaling $521 million. Nebraska beef has the best taste in the world and is healthy. Nebraska ensures the safety of our beef product throughout the whole cycle, from feed to the table.

Nebraska is also a leader in pork production. Annually, Nebraska’s pork industry generates approximately $3.5 billion in state economic activity, and approximately 4,000 Nebraska farms produce pork. Japan is the top destination for U.S. pork, and U.S. pork exports to Japan have increased every year for the last 15 years.

Nebraska will soon be the largest producer of ethanol from agricultural crops, with 12 facilities currently producing over 700 Million gallons of ethanol annually. Eleven additional ethanol production facilities are now under construction and scheduled to be in operation within the next 12 months. Soy-based biodiesel facilities are also operating in Nebraska. To support this rapidly growing ethanol and biodiesel industry, a new Nebraska Energy Research Center has been established at the University of Nebraska.