Nebraska State Flower

State Flower - The Goldenrod

The goldenrod (Soldiago gigantea) was declared the state flower in 1895. A concurrent resolution giving the state a floral emblem was introduced by Rep. L. P. Judd of Boone County. The measure was supported by University botanist Dr. Charles Bessey. An article written by Ida Brockman, daughter of Rep. John M. Brockman of Stella, said: "There is probably not a nook or corner of the state where one or more of the numerous species of goldenrod are not found. It is a native, and only a true native should be our representative. It has a long season, and nothing could better represent the hardy endurance of Nebraska's pioneers." The resolution was signed into law by then-governor Silas A. Holcomb on April 4, 1895.