Nathan Roscoe Pound (1870-1964) Lincoln, Nebraska

A native of Lincoln, Nebraska, Roscoe Pound became one of the nation's foremost legal experts. He was educated at home by his mother until he entered the university at the age of fourteen, where he majored in botany. As a graduate student in botany, he studied law in the evenings, and attended Harvard Law School for one year, though never receiving a degree in law. During the 1890's Pound practiced law and continued his botonical studies. In 1898, he received his doctoral in that field and was the first person to receive a doctoral degree from the University of Nebraska. His dissertation, co-authored with Frederic E. Clements, A Phytogeography of Nebraska, is regarded as the first ecological study to be published in English. For this and other works, Pound was honored by both national and international scientific organizations.

In 1901, he was appointed a commissioner of the Nebraska Supreme Court, and two years later became dean of the University of Nebraska Law School. He taught at Northwestern and Chicago Universities, and was dean of the Harvard Law School for twenty years. During these years he published many works, becoming a leading American philosopher of law.