CDBG funding has helped the City of Fremont create a more vibrant and livable community.

Community revitalization is breathing new life into the heart of Fremont, Nebraska (population 26,450), with renewed streetscapes and restored upper-level housing sparking local business and culture in the downtown district.


Financed by CDBG awards totaling $356,750, Fremont’s Downtown Façade Improvement Program has granted financial assistance to 13 business and commercial property owners for the restoration of aging and blighted building exteriors. Funded improvements have ranged from the repair of exterior brick masonry work to upgrades for ADA accessibility. With an emphasis on preserving historical features, the program has added beauty and character to the downtown, creating a new draw for tourism and commerce.

Meanwhile, with a CDBG award of $703,926, leveraged with state and local investments, Fremont’s Housing Rehabilitation Program is improving the lives of low and moderate income residents. 

Since 2013, a total of 14 owner-occupied homes and 14 single family rental homes have benefitted from repairs including new roofing, siding, window replacement, plumbing and electrical updates, cement work, bathroom remodels for ADA accessibility, painting, and flooring. Four additional home improvement projects are planned for 2018. Meanwhile, the paving of a gravel road has increased the value of homes in the target residential area. The resulting improvements have not only changed the appearance of neighborhoods, but have instilled a new sense of pride throughout the community.


Throughout the city, CDBG funds leveraged for street and sidewalk improvements have helped to install ADA accessible ramps at 85 intersections, resulting in safe, convenient travel routes for the elderly and people with disabilities. And thanks to the Walk Safe project, a sidewalk installed in the vicinity of Washington School has created a safe route for children who walk or bike.

Projects planned for the future will continue to benefit the citizens of Fremont. With $200,000 in CDBG assistance as well as local match, Fremont’s Friendship Center—a focal point for seniors—is slated to receive new ADA accessible restrooms, new flooring, and a canopy over its entranceway this year. An additional $40,000 will add ADA accessible restrooms to Keene Memorial Library.

With invaluable aid from the CDBG program, Fremont’s commitment to community development has created new opportunities and a better quality of life.

“Fremont has been blessed to be able to apply for and receive Community Development Block Grant funding,” said Mayor Scott Getzschman. “It’s an excellent tool that has made a tremendous impact on the continued growth and development of our community