• The Nebraska Department of Economic Development is accepting nominations for the 2019 Showcase Community Award. The award will be presented at this year’s Nebraska Community Development Week celebration, which will be held at the State Capitol on a date to be announced this April.

    The Showcase Community Award recognizes communities that have demonstrated an outstanding ability to identify community development goals and strategies; combine local, state, and federal resources to achieve those goals; and accomplish major projects with positive impacts in the community. Communities are recognized for their achievements completed within the past five years, with major emphasis on the community’s ability to access and effectively harness funds form the Community Development Block Grant program, the HOME Investment Partnership program, and others.

    All Nebraska communities are eligible for nomination, with the exception of the Housing and Urban Development identified entitlement communities (Lincoln, Omaha, Bellevue, Grand Island) and award winners from the previous five years (Red Cloud, Hastings, Superior, Lexington, Hartington).

    Nominations must be received by Friday, March 22, 2019. Questions? Please contact Alison Kumbier by email: alison.kumbier@nebraska.gov or phone: 402-471-3775

    To nominate a community, please complete the sections below.

  • Community & Contact Information

  • Nomination Form

  • Describe how community leaders and residents have come together during the past five years to identify community development goals and build the necessary implementation strategies. Your description should include, but is not limited to, a discussion regarding:

    • • Cooperation and collaboration amongst leaders and residents
    • • Approach undertaken to identify goals, i.e. community surveys, meetings, etc.
    • • Collaboration and partnering within the community and regional organizations and/or businesses
  • Provide the goals the local leaders and residents identified.

  • Describe the outcome of the community strategic planning process as identified above in Parts 1 and 2. Your description should address or include the following, as appropriate:

    • • Movement from goal setting to plan development, to implementation, to project completion
    • • Inclusion of community members throughout all stages of the development efforts
    • • Overall impact of the collaborative planning and partnerships
    • • Benefits of the projects to the community-at-large
    • • Photographs of the community project(s)
    • • All accomplishments including community honors, projects, and recognition ceremonies
  • Identify and describe the local, state, and federal resources mobilized by the community to achieve development goals as described above. Your description should include, but is not limited to, information regarding:

    • • Use of publicly available funds and of private funds, including other grants
    • • Use of creative funding options and a broad range of resources
    • • Funding option identification
    • • Steps taken to develop different funding sources
  • Supporting Attachments

    Please submit up to eight pieces of supporting documentation, such as newspaper articles and photographs as they visually show the success of a completed project to further demonstrate why a community should be recognized.