Live Here

Live the good life.

Simple gestures speak volumes.

A smile. A head nod. A wave. A door held open for you. It’s the small things that make a community, well, a community. And that’s just what you’ll find here. Before you know it, you’ll be waving at strangers, too.

It’s time to call your house a home.

We could tell you about our low cost of living and affordable homes with yards. But we’ll let you shop for yourself. Then, calculate cost of living side by side. Nebraska vs. wherever you’re at now.

Things to do. Things to see.

More of a numbers person?

No problem. Here are the facts.

Our four seasons are five-star.

You want the best education for your kids.

So do we.


5th Grade Reading Proficiency*


High School Graduation Rate*


Percent of Population 25+ with a High School Diploma**

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Kate Ellingson

Director of Marketing and Public Relations