New CDBG-funded Lagoon Benefits Lodgepole Community

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New CDBG-funded Lagoon Benefits Lodgepole Community


The need for a new lagoon system at Lodgepole’s (pop. 318) treatment facility was evident simply by the fact that the existing lagoon had been built in 1956. On top of that, however, the lagoon wasn’t even physically accessible for two areas of the community, and collection lines were close to wearing out and needed to be replaced.

Before Project

Having sufficient and adequate systems that serve all residents is crucial for daily life, and a need that Lodgepole residents ranked as a number one priority. Overall, the proposed project demonstrated it would benefit Lodgepole’s total population (167 of those being low-to-moderate income persons).

Construction of a new lagoon retention system and expansion of service lines began in 2010. The project concluded in June 2012. Funding came from a variety of sources, including a $350,000 Community Development Block Grant from the Nebraska Department of Economic Development, $98,000 from Lodgepole, and $1,273,000 from the U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Development in the form of grants and loans.

After Project

The new retention lagoon system, holding cell, replaced collection lines, and extended service has ensured a safer water supply, increased water pressure and a connection with a new wastewater system, and provided first-time access to an additional 17 residences and businesses.

According to Alan Runge, Chairman of the Village of Lodgepole Board of Trustees, the new system has increased Lodgepole’s capacity for growth.