New Latino business development consultant represents needs of fastest-growing constituency

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New Latino business development consultant represents needs of fastest-growing constituency

Marta Sonia Londono Mejia has been named Latino Business Development Consultant for the Nebraska Department of Economic Development—a newly-created position designed to address specific business needs of the state’s fastest-growing population.

Londono Mejia will be located in Omaha, but is available to assist Latino- and minority-owned businesses across the state.

Born in Colombia, Londono Mejia earned both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Business Administration from EAFIT University in Medellin, Colombia. Her undergraduate degree included a specialization in Finance. Later, she moved to Nebraska to attend the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

Previously, she served as executive director of the Nebraska Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and, later, led the efforts of the Midlands Latino Community Development Corporation, both in Omaha.

As part of the business development field service team, she will be available to provide information and coordinate services related to all DED programs.

An April 2011 report of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Institute of Agriculture & Natural Resources Department of Agricultural Economics analyzed 2010 U.S. Census Data for rural Nebraska total, youth and Latino populations.

According to the report, Nebraska residents of Hispanic or Latino origin increased 77.9 percent from the population identified in the 2000 census. Latino population growth was much faster than growth in the general population within all Nebraska county types (designated as metropolitan, micropolitan core, small trade center, small town, and frontier). Latino growth, as with the general population, was fastest in metropolitan counties.

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