New Station in Harrison Will Quicken Emergency Response Time

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New Station in Harrison Will Quicken Emergency Response Time

In cases of emergency, you need the best and most up-to-date resources available to quickly extinguish any problem or threat facing your community and loved ones. This is why the Village of Harrison (pop. 279) knew that building a new fire station was crucial.

The previous fire station was 50-years-old and lacked proper heating, insulation, or electrical capacities. Without these utilities, the Harrison Volunteer Fire Department (VFD) and Rural Fire District (RFD) were unable to store their vehicles in the garages. This proved particularly daunting during winter months when the tank trucks could not hold water, due to freezing. Most alarming was the fact that water could only be filled in response to an emergency call wasting critical response time. This problem had to be solved as soon as possible.

A new 10,800 sq. ft. fire station was built to comfortably fit all VFD and RFT fire and EMT vehicles, and to service the population of Harrison (of whom 145 are low- and moderate-persons).

The fire station was funded at a total of $400,000. There was $300,000 from the Community Development Block Grant from the Nebraska Department of Economic Development, $55,000 came from the Harrison VFD, and the Harrison RFD contributed $45,000. Additional partners on the project included Olsson & Associates, Fuller Construction, and the Nebraska Panhandle Area Development District.