February 27, 2014

Celebrate “40 Years of Building Strong Communities”

That the federal Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program is marking its 40th year of funding and supporting the development of communities nationwide is, in itself, a remarkable achievement. But factor in the determination and perseverance of local, state and federal partners working to achieve shared goals of building communities, and it becomes a testament to American fortitude and ingenuity.
February 5, 2014

Lexington CDBG Application Guideline workshop cancelled

The CDBG Application workshop scheduled for today, February 5, 2014, in Lexington Nebraska has been cancelled; the Department will make arrangements to deliver the information to those interested at another time within the near future; a public notice will be issued.
February 4, 2014

Norfolk CDBG Application Guideline workshop cancelled

One remaining workshop still scheduled
January 31, 2014

Ogallala CDBG Application Guideline workshop cancelled

Three remaining workshops still scheduled