New duplexes made possible by Nebraska Affordable Housing Trust Fund, Rural Workforce Housing Fund, outside grants.

Project leaders in North Platte on Tuesday debuted the newest addition to the city’s affordable housing stock.

The two new duplexes on display during an open house — four rental units in all — were spearheaded by Lincoln County Community Development Corporation (LCCDC), and made possible in part by funding from the Nebraska Department of Economic Development, as well as outside grants.

The new units wrap up the final development phase of the North Sheridan Estates, a rental complex now consisting of six duplexes in all. Begun in 2012 with the demolition of an existing property, the Estates were built in three phases and represent a greater than $1.3 million investment.

Funding from the Nebraska Affordable Housing Trust Fund (NAHTF), administered by DED, played a major role in bringing the project’s first and current phases to fruition. An award from the Rural Workforce Housing Fund, meanwhile, contributed to phase 2.

“There is a big need in North Platte and Lincoln County for homes that serve low-to-moderate income households and working families,” said LCCDC Executive Director Carol Bodeen. “Support from the State is vital to helping us sustain our mission and complete projects that enable our communities to grow.”

The finishing touches coincide with LCCDC’s 25-year anniversary — a tenure during which it has brought in $9.8 million in State housing funds to develop 340 units valued at around $31 million in total investment.

“We were created because no one else was developing affordable housing and reaching out to meet the needs of low-to-moderate income households at that time,” Bodeen said. “So that’s what we have continued to do within Lincoln County over these last 25 years, project-by-project.”

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