Ogallala Revitalizes Local Pavilion Downtown

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Ogallala Revitalizes Local Pavilion Downtown

Ogallala (pop. 4,606) has a bustling downtown. Directly intersected by Interstate 80, the level of traffic going through town is significant. To accommodate this activity, functionality was a needed addition to make the town viable for residents and visitors alike. Ogallala also wanted to provide drive through traffic with a visually appealing sight when entering the town.

In December 2011, Ogallala was awarded $350,000 CDBG funding by DED. With funds available, the town was now able to achieve a level of convenience and create better access to parking. To bring a fresh look to downtown, business owners made improvements to their worn out facades. Along with the renovations, Ogallala added an outdoor pavilion named Rendezvous Square. Designed by Olsson Associates, the pavilion became a new venue for the town to use for festivities such as concerts, farmers’ markets or the annual Ogallala Rendezvous Festival. It was created to incorporate the alleys and connect them together, creating a pedestrian-friendly accessible area.

In the summer of 2014, the project was completed. Since then the town has made great use of Rendezvous Square. They held a successful BBQ contest at the pavilion and hosted multiple concerts. The revitalization project has created a great atmosphere for the community and anyone traveling through town to enjoy.