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We can sing Nebraska's praises all day long, but the proof is in the pudding. Data, economic trends, research reports, statistics, profiles, and demographics … you can find them all here. DED is eager to assist with tools, information, and assistance to make your vision a reality. We invite you […]


We’ve put together a little encouragement (via a long list of incentives). We think Nebraska is incentive enough, but let's sweeten the pot.  Whether you’re expanding or relocating your business, you won’t want to skip this step. ImagiNE is Nebraska's newest tax incentive program, designed to meet the needs of […]

Grow Your Community

Let's talk about life. Living here is just as important as working here. That’s why business isn’t our only focus. When you get right down to it, the strength of our communities and the people living in them are Nebraska’s foundation. It’s where it all starts. Whether you’re looking at […]

Expand Your Business

We know a thing or two about growth. This can be the hardest part of business. Sustainable growth, taking your success story to the next level—call it what you want. We can help you get there with programs and services designed to help you grow at a healthy rate. And […]