Select Nebraska

It’s not every day you shop for a state.

We get it: Moving your business is a big decision and it can be a hard choice.
We’re not the right pick for everyone—just companies looking for a home base with the perfect mix of quality people and interesting places and a blend of economic opportunity and authentic lifestyle. Nebraska’s safe communities and lifelong learning prospects provide a high quality of life and endless opportunities for economic growth.
Maybe it’s not such a hard choice after all.

Why Nebraska?

Employees have an unmatched work ethic.

Central location offers an integrated system of interstates, mainline railroads and airports.

Industrial sites and buildings are ready for immediate occupancy.

A 100% public electrical power system offers some of the lowest rates in the nation.

Because of Nebraska’s ideal location, quality workforce, and positive economic environment, our state is brimming with everything from entrepreneurial start-ups to large corporations.

Just to name a few:

Ready to feel right at home?

Cobus Block

Director of International and Business Recruitment

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