City of Atkinson Housing Rehabilitation

The Nortatkinson_location_maph Central Community Development Coalition (NCCDC) addresses housing issues in north central Nebraska, specifically in the communities of Atkinson, Bristow, Butte, Emmet, Lynch and Spencer. In 2001, these communities received Nebraska Affordable Housing Trust Fund (NAHTF) money, for housing rehabilitation and down payment assistance. The funding allowed five families to purchase homes, and other families to renovate parts of their homes, considerably improving the housing stock in these communities.

Community Development Services identified the need for housing in these small towns. Down-payment funds helped families purchase five homes in Atkinson, one in Butte and two in Spencer. Homeowners in Bristow, Emmet, Lynch, Butte and Spencer used housing rehabilitation funds to fix and improve their homes. Elderly couples and families with children own the majority of homes that received upgraded wiring and plumbing systems; new windows, siding and shingles; and insulation.

From the housing rehabilitation fund, one home was expanded, with two new bedrooms and a bathroom to accommodate a large family. An elderly couple who was unable to access their basement gained a new bathroom and utility room on the main floor of their home. Another family was able to remodel and move into a formerly dilapidated house.

Residents from these communities have significantly benefited from the NAHTF program, by either being able to purchase or rehabilitate their homes. Not only has housing stock improved, but homeowner equity has increased and the number of first-time homebuyers is on the rise.

The housing activities that occurred in these communities would have been nearly impossible without the help of NAHTF. The quality of living, community pride, and involvement has increased for all involved families. These north central communities have taken a giant step toward making improvements and attracting people to the area.