Dix Housing Rehabilitation

dix_location_mapDix Owner-Occupied Rehabilitation Program

A 2000 community assessment survey conducted in Dix (pop. 267), revealed that after the need for water system improvements, residents were most concerned about housing rehabilitation.

Several houses in the village were in dire need of repairs for cracking and shifting foundations, leaky roofs, and lack of insulation. If these concerns weren’t enough, homeowners also experienced problems with heating and cooling systems, and safety due to inadequate electrical wiring. Many of these houses were owned by either elderly or low-income who couldn’t afford to directly pay the out-of-pocket expenses that would be needed to make these improvements.

To help solve the problem, Dix applied for a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), administered by the Nebraska Department of Economic Development. Governor Mike Johanns awarded Dix with the $220,000 CDBG to support the first-ever housing rehabilitation program for the village. The program financed the rehabilitation of 13 homes.

“I am very satisfied with the work that’s been done to my house thanks to the Community Development Block Grant,” said one homeowner of a rehabilitated home. Her home received new steps, handrails, and sidewalk to make it more accommodating for her. More insulation was added in the attic and new windows were installed to improve the home’s overall energy efficiency. New flooring was laid in the kitchen and a bedroom.

“I really enjoy being able to wash and see through my new windows, to heat my home to a comfortable level, and to walk through my kitchen and bedroom without worrying about tripping on old, cracking and peeling flooring,” said the homeowner.

Another delighted recipient of the program benefited from several improvements that improved her home’s energy efficiency, including a new roof, ceilings, windows, and additional insulation.

“My home is now warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer,” she said.

To improve the safety and accessibility of this homeowner’s residence, electrical wiring was updated and two ramps were built. Areas of the house were painted and new tile was laid in the bathroom.

The housing rehabilitation program has been a great success for the village and all program recipients.

“It’s real helpful,” said another satisfied homeowner. “Without it, we could not have done all this.”


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