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fairmont_location_mapJust outside of Fairmont, Nebraska a state of the art grain facility shines its lights over rich flat farm ground at night and hosts local farm trucks lined up to the highway by day. O’Malley Grain was established in 1997 with the help of the Nebraska Department of Economic Development to service the food-grade corn market.

The 750,000 bushel storage facility has encouraged farmers in the area to produce high quality food-grade white and yellow corn. Over 60 producers in a 700-mile radius around Fairmont contract to produce the specialty grains each year. Fillmore and surrounding counties are conducive to producing the quality grain necessary due to irrigation, excellent producers, adequate growing season and rich soil. O’Malley Grain has injected into the local economy approximately $4.5 million of premium value for the specialty commodity and continues to nurture the mutually advantageous relationships with local producers.

omalley_grainThe facility is designed to have an annual throughput of over 3.5 million bushels and accommodates year round processing with little seasonal change that is so often found in the agricultural economy. The operation of the grain processing plant has directly employed 13 individuals in the community. The processed food-grade corn is marketed throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. Shipments are delivered by both rail and over the road. O’Malley Grain has turned to 12 local transportation providers to help serve these needs.

The client base of O’Malley Grain is large and diverse. The company frequently hosts meetings in the locale, boosting the community retail economy, hotels and restaurants. O’Malley proudly supports its local community through advertisements and sponsorship of countywide activities.

This economic development project has helped to provide a valuable business addition to this Fillmore county community. The reciprocal support between the community and O’Malley Grain currently supplies an excellent working environment for everyone concerned and promises a bright future.

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