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stratton_location_mapIn 2000, Timber Creek Homes finished constructing a new 24,000 square feet modular home production facility just outside of Stratton. The improvements made to Timber Creek Homes have generated new jobs and increased economic activity in this region. Funding for this project was made possible by a grant awarded by the Nebraska Department of Economic Development.

A December 8, 2001 McCook Daily Gazette article reported, “Timber Creek Homes has 17 employees in the factory, three on the site construction/road crew, three in sales, two in engineering, one accountant, one receptionist, and co-owners Charles Pelkey and Carl Rasmussen.” A total of 51 more production employees were added in 2001 to bring the total to 80.

The factory houses carpenters, electricians, plumbers, roofers, siders, drywall finishers, framers, trim carpenters, and heating/air and conditioning/ventilation specialists. The majority of workers were hired from Nebraska communities located between Benkelman and McCook.

Fifty-some home designs are offered in the Timber Creek Homes brochures. “The favorites on the plains are one-story ranch styles,” Pelkey said, “the favorites in the mountains are one-and-onehalf- and two-story homes. The smallest house is 900 square feet and the largest is 3,600.”

Three and one-half houses can be constructed in the factory at one time. From the time construction is initiated until the day of shipment, a Timber Creek Home takes about five weeks to complete. This time may vary with the complexity of the house design and the number of `modules’ within the house plan; some houses are in one piece, whereas others are built in five or six sections.

“The majority of the house is built at the factory,” Pelkey explained, “then delivered and finished on site. On-site projects include some roofing and siding, interior trim and the majority of the finished flooring. Garages, porches and/or decks are also completed on site.”

“Even with the on-site projects added to the factory time, a Timber Creek Home goes together much quicker than a stick-built on-site structure,” Pelkey said. He explained his reasoning by saying, “First, all building materials are stored at the factory, readily available and easily accessible. Second, trades people have all the latest tools and equipment, available at all times. Third, materials are assembled in an `assembly line’ process in areas designed specifically to build the components (walls, floors, ceilings) of a house. Large components are moved with cranes. All these procedures make more efficient use of time, reduce labor and cut man-hours.”

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