Village of Elm Creek Fire Station and Community Center

elm_creekThe Village of Elm Creek, located in central Nebraska, applied for a Community Development Block Grant. Elm Creek was awarded $250,000 for the construction of a new facility. The facility now holds Elm Creeks new fire station as well as the new community center. Both entities were much needed. The Village and Fire Department decided to join forces to build a combined facility.

The new building offers a communal kitchen for both fire department and community center activities. The Sullwood Family of Elm Creek generously donated all of the modern kitchen appliances in the new building. Larger group gatherings now have the accommodations needed to host events. Today the new facility is extensively used for graduation parties, family reunions, and baby showers.

The new fire station provides ample room for all of the fire trucks. Fire trucks can now be parked in such a way that movement in and out of the facility is quicker, and more efficient. A pancake feed sponsored by the Elm Creek Fire Department raised $180,000 for a new pump truck.

An overwhelming response from community members were actively involved throughout the entire building process. Volunteers helped in a variety of ways ranging from painting interior walls, to sod installation for exterior landscaping. Thanks to the Daake Family and their gracious donation of sod, landscaping around the entire property was possible. Cash donations and small appliances were also donated from community members in support of this village project.

Future CDBG projects for the Village of Elm Creek include a planning grant to organize large community projects. A master plan will be established for downtown revitalization. A comprehensive evaluation will develop an action plan for future Elm Creek projects. When plans finalized application for a CDBG improvement project may result.

Due to the funding providing by the CDBG, and heavy volunteerism from the Village of Elm Creek, a new facility now stands as a functional community structure. Faster response times to emergency calls and a free community center is open to the public. Elm Creek’s new building is a symbol of teamwork and dedication to a job well done.

Contact Information

Rick Zubrod (DED Representative)
(402) 471-3762   •   (800) 426-6505