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We know Nebraska’s got talent. Let’s keep it here!

Nebraska is known for our good life and great opportunities. Yet each year, we see too many of our bright and talented young people leave to begin their careers elsewhere, thinking they are moving to greener pastures. In fact, current migration trends show that Nebraska loses at least as many of our 25-and-older college grads as we attract — resulting in a brain drain of more than 1,500 people a year.

The Opportunity Nebraska Initiative is about engaging our business community to invest early in retaining our talented young Nebraskans by offering internships, apprenticeships and other career-related work experiences. We need your help to introduce young people to the abundance of opportunities our state has to offer — including rewarding careers and vibrant communities.

We need businesses to fight for our young people, and make it loud and clear that they are wanted and needed here!

The Opportunity

Almost 70% of full-time eligible interns receive a job offer, which 82% accept. This adds up to a conversion rate of more than 55%. (NACE, 2020)

Over two-thirds of interns hired into full-time positions are still with their employers one year later, with 42% still employed after 5 years. (NACE, 2020)

An estimated 9 out of 10 former apprentices are still with their employer after nine months. (USDOL, 2020)

Make a pledge to invest in Nebraska's talent.

We need champions who are willing to step up, take action and play a part in developing and retaining Nebraska’s young talent. Is your business willing to make a commitment? Express your support by pledging to promote internships, apprenticeships and other career-related work experiences in 2021 and beyond. Use the form below to tell us about your plans!

That said, we know 2020 has impacted business in ways we’re all still sorting out. If circumstances do allow you to grow the number of internships and/or apprenticeships you can offer in 2021 — great, please share that intent with us! But if taking on interns or apprentices is unrealistic right now, not to worry — you can still support the cause! Consider pledging to invest in talent development and retention by offering other opportunities, like short-term projects, mentoring experiences, business tours, job shadows, career simulations — the sky is the limit. We can all play a role in engaging Nebraska’s bright young talent.

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Seeking resources to help your business create internships, apprenticeships or other work experiences? Check out the useful links below.

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Please reach out to our team at the Nebraska Department of Economic Development with any questions. We look forward to connecting with you!

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