The Nebraska Department of Economic Development (DED) has announced 12 awards totaling $4,643,365 in Community Development Block Grant Coronavirus (CDBG-CV) funding.

The awards — made possible by the CARES Act — will help eight Nebraska communities better prepare for, respond to and recover from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

CDBG-CV funding is administered by DED to units of local government and collaborating nonprofits in Nebraska’s non-entitlement communities. Unlike traditional CDBG awards, no matching funds are required.

“Thanks to this support from the CDBG program, tens of thousands of Nebraskans will have better, safer access to essential services — from food banks to medical clinics and vaccine distribution centers — that have been vital in our fight against COVID-19. These awards will ultimately add to our communities’ health and safety while providing much-needed resources to bolster their economic recovery,” said DED Director Anthony L. Goins.

Today’s awards are listed and briefly described below. Visit for more information on the CDBG-CV program.

  • Bloomfield is being awarded $100,000 for renovations to the Bloomfield Medical Clinic. Like other health facilities, the clinic expanded its services during the pandemic to meet community needs. The award will result in a drive-up option for the pharmacy, plus interior renovations to add exam space and permanent dividers for social distancing.
  • Colfax County Food Pantry (CCFP), in Schuyler, is being awarded $475,000 to support its food distribution efforts, which greatly increased during the pandemic. As families experienced the economic impacts of COVID-19, CCFP saw a 12-fold increase in services essentially overnight. The award will enable the organization to provide needed services while adding staff to increase service delivery and ensure organizational longevity.
  • The City of Fremont is receiving three CDBG-CV awards on behalf of the non-profit social services agency LifeHouse. These include $485,000 for facilities renovation, including accommodations for a drive-thru pantry, remodeled food storage space, and new waiting areas and offices to address social distancing and staffing concerns; $462,500 to support the pantry’s day-to-day services, which have been stretched due to a rapid increase in persons needing assistance; and $485,000 for the homeless shelter, to accommodate increased service needs and workspace/social distancing related renovations.
  • Madison is receiving two awards totaling $585,000 to renovate two facilities housing vital community services. An award of $100,000 will support renovations to Northside Community Center, which serves local seniors, with added parking, signage and improved accessibility. $485,000 will support renovations to Madison Community Auditorium, including updates to the HVAC system and structural elements, accessibility for persons with disabilities, and the restructuring of food preparation/storage space.
  • Cozad will receive two awards totaling $610,865 for improvements to community facilities: $462,500 will support renovations to the parish hall of Christ the King Catholic Church, including enhanced accessibility for persons with disabilities and improved utilities and structural elements. $148,365 will support renovations to the Grand Generation Senior Center, which expanded its services to provide critical food and social support during the pandemic; the renovations will enhance food storage, the HVAC system and structural elements for public safety.
  • Red Cloud will receive $475,000 for Webster County Memorial Hospital (WCCH). Like many rural health facilities, WCCH has been at the front lines of the pandemic response, and has identified several challenges. Funded renovations will expand the number of rooms available for long-term disease treatment, with structural and equipment upgrades to enable on-site COVID testing, resulting in reduced time-to-treatment and improved contact tracing efficiency.
  • Pender will receive $485,000 to support the refurbishment of the Northeast Nebraska Community Action Partnership (NENCAP) facility. NENCAP contributed significantly to Pender’s COVID response by providing food and vaccine distribution in NENCAP’s service area. The facility renovation includes building modifications to consolidate refrigeration equipment for vaccines, plus modifications to the property for additional parking and a drive-through lane for service delivery.
  • The City of Lexington has been awarded $485,000, which will support renovations to the parish hall of St. Ann’s Catholic Church. The facility served as a community focal point during the pandemic, providing a central location for Lexington’s greatly expanded food service and COVID testing and vaccination programs. The award will enhance accessibility for persons with disabilities, while addressing utility-related and structural elements, thus enabling the facility to better adapt to community needs during times of crisis.