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Administration & Operations | Financial Office | Business Development | Housing & Community Development | Research
Dave Rippe Director 402-471-3111

Administration & Operations

Jerry Borrell IT Analyst 402-471-3063
Lori Cole Administrative Assistant
to the Director
Kate Ellingson Director of Marketing & Public Relations 402-471-3749

Joyce Klooster Staff Assistant 402-471-3111
Renee Lanik Graphic & Web Designer 402-471-3751
Joseph Lauber Deputy Director / Chief Legal Officer 402-471-3758
Kyle Manley Staff Attorney 402-471-3772
Punnya Ranjit Internal Auditor 402-471-4862
Jason Seamann IT Analyst Senior 402-440-0445

Financial Office

Holly Hartman Federal Aid Administrator 402-471-6284
Robin Kilgore Chief Financial Officer 402-471-3762
Wade Wokoma Account Clerk 402-471-3441
Erin Yardley Budget Officer 402-471-3117

Business Development

Dan Curran Deputy Director / Director of Business Development 402-471-6513


Business Recruitment

Kris Benson Business Recruiter 402-471-3766
Jason Guernsey Business Recruitment Manager 402-471-3759

Jacob Knutson Business Recruiter 402-471-3113

Business Innovation

Nisha Avey Business Innovation Consultant 402-471-1466
Joe Fox Business Innovation Manager 402-471-8604
Ben Kuspa Business Innovation Consultant 402-471-3794

Targeted Industries & Talent

Linda Black Targeted Industries and Talent Manager 308-991-2986
Allison Hatch Talent Attraction Coordinator 402-471-3368


Job Training & Internships

Rose Baker Job Training Coordinator 402-471-1559

International Trade & Investment

Cobus Block International Business Manager 402-480-5806
Daniel Jackson International Development Manager 402-802-5317
Susan Rouch Export Development Manager 402-471-4668

Manufacturing Extension Partnership

Lori Shaal Business Relations 402-471-3780


Business Development Field Staff

Deb Eggleston Southeast Field Service Rep 402-380-7253
Kelly Gewecke Central Field Service Rep 308-627-3151
Brittany Hardin West Central Field Service / Governor’s Office Rep 308-660-9111
Sheryl Hiatt Field Staff Manager 402-340-6180
Lynn Kohout Eastern Field Service Rep 402-440-2599
Ashley Rice-Gerlach Southwest Field Service Rep 308-655-0919

Housing & Community Development

Abby Anderson Community Development Coordinator 402-471-3775
Kylee Bischoff Application Coordinator 402-471-2843
Steve Charleston Director of Housing & Community Development Division 402-471-3757
Evan Clark Central Housing Program Representative 402-471-4679
Leslie Coleman Housing Manager 402-471-4169
Nick Dropinski Economic Development Consultant 402-471-2095
Bob Jones Southeast Housing Consultant 402-471-3742
Jenny B. Mason Community Development Consultant 402-471-6280
Terry McAuliffe Federal Aid Administrator 402-471-3680
Kristi McClung Western / Centeral Housing Consultant 308-889-3420
Pam Otto Housing Coordinator / Northeast Housing Consultant 402-471-4388
Anissa Rasmussen Financial Packager 402-471-7999
Rebecca Schademann Economic Development Consultant 402-471-3172
Tom Stephens Financial Packager 402-471-6587


David Dearmont Director of Research 402-471-3777
Andrew Eckerson Research Analyst 402-471-3781
Vani Kotcherlakota Research Supervisor 402-471-3116
Michael Lundeen Research Analyst 402-471-3788
Melissa Trueblood Research Manager 402-471-2840

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