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Nebraskans are known for their friendliness.

If we can’t give you a handshake, we’ll settle for the next best thing. Reach out to us directly and we’ll be happy to help.

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Leadership Team

K.C. Belitz

Joe Fox
Deputy Director of Business Development
& Programs

Joseph Lauber
Deputy Director of Operations /
Chief Legal Officer

Nebraska Department of Economic Development Office Locations

Lincoln Fallbrook

245 Fallbrook Blvd, Suite 002Lincoln, NE 68521

Omaha State
Office Building:

1313 Farnam St Ste 305
Omaha, NE 68102

North Omaha

5319 North 30th Street
Omaha, NE 68111

South Omaha/Metro Office:

2909 Edward Babe Gomez Ave,
Omaha, NE 68107

Administration & Operations

K.C. Belitz Director 531-310-2833
Bruce M. Carden Staff Attorney 402-450-0406
Lori Cole Administrative Assistant
to the Director
Joe Fox Deputy Director of Business Development & Programs 402-471-8604
Joseph Lauber Deputy Director of Operations /
Chief Legal Officer
Roberta Pinkerton Special Projects 


Kate Ellingson Director of Marketing and Public Relations 402-309-3310
Renee Lanik Graphic Designer 402-310-5124
Justin Pinkerman Communications Director 531-893-3057

Financial Office

Nikki Bentzinger Federal Aid Administrator 402-471-8613
Rick Dey Federal Aid Administrator 402-471-0135
Holly Hartman Chief Financial Officer 402-471-3117
Joyce Klooster Staff Assistant 402-471-3987
Amy Theilen Federal Aid Administrator 402-416-1701


Business Development

Business Recruitment

Cobus Block Director of International and Business Recruitment 402-480-5806
Katie Kamper  Grant Funding Assistant 402-471-3113
Connor Lammel Economic Development Consultant 402-450-2716
Lorena Reichert  Business Project Manager 402-314-6468
Lauren Scholfield
Economic Development Consultant 402-318-2381

Business Innovation

Ben Kuspa Business Innovation Manager 402-613-8119
Aidan Larsen Business Innovation Consultant 531-510-2888
Anissa Rasmussen Business Innovation Consultant 402-471-7999
Tyler Rogert Business Innovation Consultant 531-310-2709
Laura Simonson
Business Innovation Consultant 531-510-7538

Small Business Assistance

Nisha Avey Small Business Assistance Manager 402-853-1391
Brad Kulwicki Business Development Consultant II 402-480-9380
Nora Furr Business Development Consultant II 

International Trade & Investment

Cobus Block Director of International and Business Recruitment 402-480-5806
Colby Angst Export Development Consultant 531-510-6407
Benjamin Coleman Economic Development Consultant 402-471-4668

Targeted Industries & Talent

Rose Baker Talent Team Manager  402-471-1559
Garrett Stolz Talent Marketing and Film Office Manager 402-471-4296
Adam Weir Economic Development Consultant 531-310-7566


Audrey Sautter Compliance Team Manager 402-471-4667
Sophia Dunsmore Internal Auditor 531-310-4179
Andray Fairley Compliance Consultant II 531-310-2272
John E. (Jack) Jensen
Attorney III 402-471-5982
Ben Johnson
Compliance Consultant II 531-510-3856
Gregory Nohr Compliance Consultant II 402-560-0870
Sabrina Roland Compliance Consultant II 402-471-7410
Aaron Vo External Auditor 402-471-6710

Economic Recovery

Javier Saldaña Economic Recovery Division Administrator 531-283-1589
Elizabeth Blanco Rodriguez
Economic Development Manager 402-983-0911
Diamond Cook
Economic Development Consultant
Deisy Coyle
Economic Recovery Program Manager 531-500-9577
Ashley Drake
Shovel-Ready Grant Program Manager 531-600-7042
Michelle Hartnett Program Consultant: Shovel-Ready 402-679-0245
Abra Kataka Economic Recovery Program Manager 531-600-7044
Molly Kusler
Program Manager 531-324-8339
Leo Morales Program Manager 402-432-7339
Atticus Stansbury
Economic Recovery Program Manager 402-890-8028
Mike Vlassakis Program Manager 531-600-7045
Daren Waters North Omaha Business Manager 402-480-9004
Jeffrey Weiss
Economic Development Consultant 402-853-2994

ARPA Anti-Fraud, Waste and Abuse Submission Form

If you know or suspect someone has committed fraud, waste, or abuse related to the ARPA programs and/or operations administered by the Nebraska Department of Economic Development (DED), please fill out this form.

Field Operations

Sheryl Hiatt Director of Field Operations 402-340-6180
Kris Benson Economic Development Consultant 402-471-3766
Kelly Gewecke Central Field Service Rep 308-627-3151
Brittany Hardin West Central Field Service / Governor’s Office Rep 308-660-9111
Dave Honz Southeast Field Service Rep 402-440-0412
Deb Poehling Northeast Field Service Rep 402-380-7253
Ashley Rice-Gerlach Southwest Field Service Rep 308-655-0919



Benjamin Goins Incentives Division Administrator 402-471-1833
John Adams Attorney III 402-471-8605
Joseph P. Thompson
Attorney III 531-600-7043
Thomas Saltzman  Business Incentives Manager 402-471-6336
Madeline Adkins
Economic Development Consultant
Jessica Anderson Business Incentives Manager 402-471-3367
Ane De Anzola Business Incentives Manager 402-471-3769
Shaun Grantski
Economic Development Consultant 402-840-1534
Darin Lubke  Business Incentives Consultant 402-471-3116
Emmah Muema Economic Development Manager 531-249-4542
Brody Steffen
Economic Development Consultant
Travis Blakely Business Incentives Consultant 531-284-3694


Lynn Kohout Director of Housing 402-440-2599
Matt Anderson Compliance Coordinator 531-893-1647
Kylee Bischoff Application Coordinator 402-800-7058
Misty Christo Housing Attorney 402-669-0968
Teri Doss Metro Area Housing Program Representative 531-810-1450
Nick Dropinski Housing Specialist 402-580-0713
Mechele Grimes Housing Specialist 402-309-4536
Kim Jasa-Harris HOME ARP Program Manager 402-580-6392
Amy Kienzler Southeast Housing Program Representative 402-580-7131
Kristi McClung Western Housing Program Representative 308-289-3935
Benjamin Mellema Compliance Coordinator  402-405-6116
Morgan Pearson Central Housing Program Representative 308-224-8846
Meg Pfannenstiel
Housing Specialist 402-432-6379
Barb Pierce Housing Specialist 402-936-4587
Brittany Piper
Housing Specialist 402-310-4782
Christine Rasmussen Northeast Housing Program Representative 402-575-0798
Brad Wiese
Housing Specialist 531-207-8439

Community Development & Disaster Recovery

Jenny B. Mason Director of Community Development & Disaster Recovery 402-471-6280

Community Development

Nicole Bartels Economic Development Manager 402-314-5852
Gina Doose Financial Packager 402-310-9772
Laura Hart Program Development Consultant 308-202-0177
Andrew Moffitt II
Economic Development Consultant 402-471-3760
Tom Stephens Financial Packager 402-471-6587

Disaster Recovery

Jennifer Grove Attorney II 531-510-7181
Susan Nickerson CCCFF Coordinator & Disaster Recovery Coordinator 308-850-0595
Tia Loftin Infrastructure Program Manager 531-810-1929
Christina Zink Housing Program Manager 402-326-4091

Data & Technology

Jamdan Clang Data & Technology Director 402-471-6395
Chris Pham Database Analyst – Senior 402-471-2840
Inderpreet Kaur Business Systems Analyst 402-471-3749
Otilia Titus Business Systems Analyst 402-471-3741
Whitney Schumacher Database Analyst – Lead 402-314-0333


David Dearmont Chief Economist 402-471-3777
Ethan Kimbrough Economist
Kob Kitcharoenkarnkul Economist 

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