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Business Development

This can be the hardest part of business. Sustainable growth, taking your success story to the next level—call it what you want. We can help you get there with programs and services designed to help you grow at a healthy rate. And we’ll work alongside you so your company harvests the benefits. Because when you grow, the state grows. Have a look.

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Business Expansion
in Nebraska

    International Trade and Investment


      Business Expansion in Nebraska

      Nebraska’s location, infrastructure and utilities make it an ideal site for your business. Below are some of our initiatives and resources that support your business’ expansion and innovation.

      Available Buildings & Sites

      Nebraska’s database for information about sites, buildings, and locations for businesses looking to grow.

      Business Retention & Expansion Program

      Information on the local and state business climate that helps shape the state economic development policies and programs.

      Nebraska Seed Investment Program

      Investments in Nebraska businesses for the commercialization of a product or process.

      State Trade Expansion Program (STEP)

      Increase the number of small businesses that export internationally and increases export values.

      Opportunity Zones

      Promote investment and drive economic growth in low-income and/or economically disadvantaged communities. 

      Customized Job Training

      Employee training assistance to businesses that maintain, expand, and diversify the state’s economic base.

      Enterprise Zones

      Preference for various business incentives and grant programs to projects located in whole or in part within a designated enterprise zone.

      Local Option Municipal Economic Development (LB840)

      Allows the collection tax dollars for economic development purposes.

      Site and Building Development Fund

      Supports projects that help advance business innovation and strengthen workforce recruitment.

      Developing Youth Talent Initiative

      Collaboration between businesses and public schools to expose students to careers in Manufacturing and Tech.

      Intern Nebraska

      Grants to businesses and non-profits who want to create new internships within Nebraska.

      Nebraska Innovation Fund Prototype Grants

      Financial assistance to Nebraska businesses for product development.

      Small Business Innovation Research / Small Business Tech Transfer (SBIR/STTR) Grant Program

      Financial assistance to Nebraska businesses that are applying to or have received a Federal SBIR or STTR.

      International Trade and Investment

      Foreign Nationals in the United States carrying out international business often face unique challenges. To address this issue, the Department of Economic Development of Nebraska has formed a special team of consultants, including representatives of the private sector. The team can help consult with foreign companies during their initial planning stage, so that they can successfully enter the U.S. market through Nebraska.

      Nebraska’s Foreign Trade Offices:

      The International Trade Team is here to provide:

      • Local, national, and international networks
      • One-on-one counseling & technical assistance
      • Initial market research
      • Training seminars & workshops
      • Trade show promotion
      • Governor-led trade missions
      • Referral to local export service providers

      Nebraska’s Foreign-funded Companies:

      • Kawasaki – Japan
      • Novozymes– Denmark
      • World Group – China
      • CLAAS – Germany
      • Wipro Limited – India
      • Novartis – Switzerland
      • BAE Systems – United Kingdom

      Exporting Assistance

      Growth opportunities for Nebraska businesses are increasingly found in international markets. Domestic competition is fierce and free trade agreements have opened up markets in Japan, Australia, Chile, Singapore, Jordan, Israel, Canada, Mexico, and Central America – creating more opportunities abroad for U.S. businesses.

      International Resources

      A list of relevant resources for companies DED assists.

      Nebraska Food & Ag Product Export Catalog

      Find consumer oriented, Grain Feed and Seed, along with Equipment, Technology and Service Companies that are branded under the official state agricultural branding program: Nebraska Straight from the Good Life.

      Nebraska Exporters Directory

      From manufacturing to agribusiness, Nebraska companies have an increasing foothold around the globe — and their products carry our state’s reputation for tradition, innovation, and Midwestern values. Use this directory to search for in-state firms and explore their product and service exports.

      International Events Calendar

      Upcoming local and international event information.

      State Trade Expansion Program (STEP)

      Increase the number of small businesses that export internationally and increases export values.

      Let Joe know if you need help. He’s great at answering questions.


      Joe Fox

      Director of Business Development