The Nebraska Department of Economic Development (DED) has awarded $1,155,000 in Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding to assist three Nebraska communities in making vital improvements to their water-wastewater infrastructure.

A federal program led by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and administered by DED on behalf of Nebraska’s non-entitlement communities, CDBG provides funding to help communities tackle a wide array of objectives that address local needs and challenges and result in an enhanced quality of life.

“Today’s CDBG awards will help three growing Nebraska communities address critical aspects of their water systems to ensure that a basic public health and safety need is met,” said DED Director Anthony L. Goins. “We continue to be proud to administer CDBG funding, because it makes such a difference in the lives of citizens around our state and enables our communities to grow.”

DED currently administers nine CDBG funding opportunities in Nebraska with the core objectives of benefitting low-to-moderate income persons, preventing or eliminating slum and blight conditions and solving catastrophic health and safety threats. These opportunities include Economic Development, Downtown Revitalization, Emergent Threat, Youth Job Training, Owner-Occupied Rehabilitation, Public Works, Planning, Water-Wastewater and Tourism Development.

Today’s recipients will supplement their CDBG awards with other funding sources, including USDA grants, to enable the repair and replacement vital water system components:

The Village of Hayes Center will receive $435,000 to address system pressure problems; the project will involve the replacement of approximately 6,000 feet of water main and 13 fire hydrants, as well as the construction of a 50,000 gallon storage tank. In addition to restoring adequate water service, the project will provide new water service connections for 112 homes and 38 commercial sites.

The Village of Edison will receive $285,000 to construct new waste stabilization ponds. The Villages’ existing mechanical plant has reached the end of its useful life, and the construction of new ponds will serve as an effective and cost-efficient measure to eliminate wastewater contamination and maintain stable conditions.

The Village of Lodgepole will receive $435,000 for a water improvement project that will eliminate arsenic concerns and ensure a sufficient residential water supply. This includes the purchase and installation of a 155,000 gallon water storage tank, new fire hydrants and valves, and new piping and other equipment.

“Our congratulations go out to all three recipients for executing on such impactful projects that will enhance the quality of life in their communities,” said Goins.

For more information about the CDBG program, including eligibility, funding descriptions, application dates and how to apply, visit For questions, contact Steve Charleston at or 402-471-3757.