The Nebraska Department of Economic Development (DED) announces the launch of the Small Business Support Grant Program (SBSG) aimed at providing critical assistance to small businesses within Qualified Census Tracts (QCTs) and Economic Redevelopment Areas (ERAs) in the North and South Omaha communities. This grant opportunity is available under the North & South Omaha Recovery Grant Program (NSORG) created through Legislative Bill (LB) 531 in 2023. The intent of the NSORG program is to aid economic recovery and resilience in North and South Omaha.

DED will formally invite ALL eligible businesses to participate in an interview. The interview process will allow DED to learn more about the small business and its potential economic impact on the community. Once interviews have been conducted, those small businesses will be able to apply for the Small Business Support Grant Program (SBSG). SBSG applications will not be scored competitively but will be awarded at the discretion of DED based on the results of an Economic Impact Analysis.

In order to be eligible, small businesses must be listed as a primary applicant in the coordination plan and appendices issued by the Economic Recovery Special Committee of the Legislature, dated January 10, 2023. A copy of the plan and appendices can be found here.

To learn more about the Small Business Support funding opportunity, please visit the North & South Omaha Recovery Grant Program (NSORG) website:

Additionally, businesses that have reviewed the NSORG Program Manual and believe they should have been contacted for an interview are encouraged to reach out to Program Manager Deisy Coyle at or 531-500-9577.