The State of Nebraska received $1.04 billion in Coronavirus State Fiscal Recovery Funds (CSFRF) from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA).  CSFRF provides economic relief funds to state, local, and tribal governments that were negatively impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. The Nebraska State Legislature appropriated $723 million in ARPA and state funding to the Nebraska Department of Economic Development (DED) to strengthen the Nebraska economy and create more resilient communities.

Today, we are excited to announce DED’s strategy for administering 29 innovative programs designed to include the following:

  • Over $110 million for recovery grants benefitting communities located in Qualified Census Tracts;
  • Up to $147 million for Economic Recovery Grants to focus on business development, entrepreneurship, internships, crime prevention, affordable housing, among other areas;
  • Up to $115 million for Coronavirus Capital Projects including multi-purpose community facilities and broadband projects;
  • Over $140 million in state-funded programs for housing, internship grants, and a public-private partnership facility grant to support the U.S. Strategic Command; and
  • Over $195 million for job training, facility building, rural workforce housing and more.

This multi-year investment in Nebraska communities begins now and runs through 2026. DED is swiftly designing program guidelines, applications, and processes necessary to administer these programs. DED plans to open applications for the first round of programs in September 2022 with additional funding opportunities continuing through fall of 2024.A majority of funds designated for the first round of applications will be awarded by December 2022, with all funding to be expended by 2026.

DED is committed to administering these programs in an efficient, effective, and transparent manner. Recurring status updates providing details on the movement of funds and upcoming activities will be periodically posted on DED’s website.

“The State is dedicated to using federal ARPA funds to strengthen Nebraska,” said Gov. Ricketts.  “Our goal is to allocate available funds efficiently, fairly, and transparently for the maximum benefit of Nebraskans.  Thank you to the Nebraska Department of Economic Development for designing programs that are easy to use and tailored to aid communities across the Good Life.”

“DED is committed to a monthly communication cadence that will ensure our citizens are fully aware of our progress fulfilling program objectives,” said DED Director Anthony L. Goins. “This includes updates via email, social media channels, radio interviews and press conferences. We are excited about this economic development endeavor and the growth return for our state.”

To learn more about these programs and sign up for ongoing updates via email, please visit the Economic Recovery Program’s page at

A list of eligible programs, available funds, and key application and award dates can be found in the below:

Table 1: ARPA-Funded Grant Programs

No.ARPA-Funded Grant ProgramsTotal Available FundsApplication Open Date (Estimated)Award Date (Estimated)
1Affordable Housing in Lincoln Qualified Census Tracts$20MSeptember 2022October 2022
2Affordable Housing in Omaha Qualified Census Tracts$20MSeptember 2022October 2022
3Standing Bear Film$5MSeptember 2022September 2022
4County Agricultural Society$5MSeptember 2022September 2022
5Internships & Crime Prevention$6MOctober 2022November 2022
6Financial Literacy Program$1MOctober 2022November 2022
7iHub$30MNovember 2022July 2023
8Qualified Census Tract Recovery Grant Program – North Omaha≥$55M*May 2023June 2023
9Qualified Census Tract Recovery Grant Program – South Omaha≥$35M*May 2023June 2023
10Qualified Census Tract Recovery Grant Program – Lincoln$10MMay 2023June 2023
11Qualified Census Tract Recovery Grant Program – Outside Lincoln and Omaha$10MMay 2023June 2023
12Capital Projects Fund$128MOctober 2022November 2022
13Business Park in Omaha Qualified Census Tracts$60MOctober 2022April 2023
14Building Mental Health Care and Education Capacity Program$40MSeptember 2022October 2022
15Nebraska Meat Processing Wastewater Pretreatment and Runoff Control$20MSeptember 2022October 2022
16Nuclear Plant Siting Feasibility Study Program$1MSeptember 2022October 2022
17Nebraska International Event Sponsorship Fund$0.5MSeptember 2022September 2022
18Shovel-Ready Capital Recovery and Investment Act$100MClosedJuly 2022
19Rural Workforce Housing Land Development Program$10MOctober 2022December 2022
20Pandemic Relief Housing Program$8MOctober 2022December 2022
21Economic Development Administration & Tourism$3MOctober 2022December 2022
22Refugee Job Training and Placement$1MOctober 2022November 2022
23NIFA LIHTC Pandemic Relief Program$20.5MNot ApplicableAugust 2022
* The breakout of programs above may not total the total ARPA Funds for award that is up to $582.8M. This is due to the Qualified Census Tract Recovery Grant Programs for North and South Omaha are minimum amounts for the program and additional amounts will be determined in the future.

Table 2: State-Funded Grant Programs

No.State-Funded Grant ProgramsTotal Available FundsApplication Open Date (Estimated)Award Date (Estimated)
1Rural Projects Act$50MJanuary 2021July 2022
2Rural Workforce Housing$30MOctober 2022April 2023
3Middle Income Housing$20MFebruary 2023August 2023
4Lead-Based Paint Hazard Control$0.25MTBDTBD
6Public-Private Partnership facility to support the U.S. Strategic Command$20MTBDTBD
7Shovel-Ready Capital Recovery and Investment Act$15MClosedJuly 2022