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Nebraska Affordable Housing Trust Fund (NAHTF)

The NAHTF is a state financial resource developed in 1996 to increase the supply and improve the quality of affordable housing in Nebraska.

The Nebraska Affordable Housing Trust Fund is a resource to help increase the supply and improve the quality of affordable housing in Nebraska. The NAHTF provides matching funds for federal resources and aims to serve the lowest income individuals for the longest period of time.

What projects are eligible for NAHTF grants? 

NAHTF provides funding for housing projects and capacity building/operating assistance to stimulate development of safe, decent and affordable housing.

Who is eligible to apply?

Eligible application for NAHTF grants include local governments, non-profits, and public housing authorities. Applicants will typically partner with for-profit developers, builders, lenders, human service provides, and state or federal agencies.

Refer to the NAHTF Application Guidelines for more detailed information regarding eligibility.

How do I apply?

If an applicant’s project meets eligibility requirements, a completed application for the appropriate funding category is submitted to DED by a deadline. Typically, successful applicants complete their project within 24 months of an award. 

NAHTF Funding Categories & Application Deadlines

Homeowner Rehabilitation

Assist owner-occupants with the repair, rehabilitation, or reconstruction of their homes.
Application Deadline: May 13

Homebuyer Activities

Finance the acquisition and/or rehabilitation or new construction of homes for homebuyers.
Application Deadline: May 13

Rental Housing

Affordable rental housing may be acquired and/or rehabilitated.
Application Deadline: May 13

Capacity Building & Operating Assistance

Available for organizational operating expenses to increase the capacity of the organization to produce and develop affordable housing.
Application Deadline: May 13

NAHTF Policy Memos

Environmental Review Record Forms by Level of Review


Categorically Excluded Not Subject To (CENST)

Categorically Excluded Subject To (CEST)

Environmental Assessment (EA)

Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)
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