Developing Youth Talent Initiative GEER II

DYTI – GEER II is a one-time application for funds from the GEER II Funds created by the Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act (CRRSA). The intent is to support an industry-defined approach to develop a youth talent pipeline for our state’s emerging STEM workforce, especially in Manufacturing, IT, Healthcare and Engineering occupations. Grant recipients will partner with public schools to engage middle and/or high school students in participation of hands-on career exploration and relevant workplace-learning opportunities. Exposing this next generation of leaders to the advanced skills and knowledge required for STEM occupations encourages an expanding workforce to help Grow Nebraska.

Eligible Grant Applicants

Eligible applicants are for-profit Nebraska businesses or consortiums of businesses in any industry. Non-profit hospitals are also eligible. Non-profit businesses can be part of a business consortium or may be invited to apply independently. Consortiums must identify the lead business applicant who will serve as the primary contact for the application and grant recipient.

Eligible businesses, or consortium of businesses, must partner with local public schools to create a sustainable project plan. Businesses may not partner with an existing career academy. Letters of support from all entities participating in the application and identification of all in-kind match is also requested within the application.

Eligible Projects

Projects must provide students in middle school (6th to 8th grade) or high school (9th to 12th grade) with hands-on STEM career exploration and exposure to STEM skills in order to increase interest and awareness of STEM occupations among area students.

  • Developing new classroom curriculum
  • Purchasing equipment for a classroom or lab
  • Implementing a mobile trailer
  • Mentoring
  • Planning new events
  • Training teachers and company staff
  • Creating virtual engagement opportunities
  • Conducting industry tours
  • Creating a makerspace
  • Providing project competitions and awards

Grant Amounts:

DED has $1,500,000 from the GEER II Fund to award for DYTI projects. The Department will award up to $500,000 per DYTI project, minimum award amount of $250,000.

DYTI GEER-II Application


Application Period: May 25, 2023 – June 22, 2023, 4:00pm CT

Application Open Date: May 25, 2023
Application Deadline: June 22, 2023, by 4:00pm CT
Anticipated Award Date: June 2023
Period of Performance: June 30, 2023 – June 29, 2025

Program Resources

TitleFile TypeDate
DYTI GEER II – Supplemental Application QuestionsWordJune 13, 2023
DYTI GEER II GuidelinesPDFJune 13, 2023

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DYTI Program Coordinator