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National Housing Trust Fund (HTF)

The National Housing Trust Fund is a federal resource that supports the development of safe, quality housing for low and very-low-income individuals and families, including vulnerable populations and the homeless.

The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) allocates HTF funding to participating jurisdictions (PJs). The State of Nebraska receives funds as a PJ, and the Department of Economic Development administers the program on behalf of the State.

Eligible Activities Include:

  • The acquisition and rehabilitation of housing to create rental housing for persons with extremely low incomes.
  • The rehabilitation or new construction of rental housing.
  • Adaptive re-use of buildings for rental housing.
  • Operating cost assistance and reserves.

The HTF will focus on rental housing for households at or below 30% of the Area Median Income for a period of 30 years.

The HTF has Three Funding Categories:

  • Collaborative Resource Allocation for Nebraska (CRANE)
  • Targeted needs
  • Permanent housing

Who is Eligible to Apply for HTF Funds?

Funding for projects under the Targeted Needs and Permanent Housing categories may be applied for by a non-profit 501(c)(3) or 501 (c)(4) housing or related organization, or a public housing authority. Eligible applicants will be required to comply with HTF requirements and demonstrate their capacity to carry out an eligible activity. Other housing programs may be used in conjunction with HTF funds.

How to Apply for HTF Funds:

Applicants meeting all eligibility requirements may submit an application for the appropriate category. Typically, successful applicants complete their project within 24 months of an award.

Application Deadlines:

The application cycles for Targeted Needs and Permanent Housing are available, and applications will be accepted in an open cycle with no clear deadline.

For information on deadlines, eligibility, and instructions on how to apply for the CRANE category, please contact the Nebraska Investment Finance Authority (NIFA).


This page will provide technical assistance on using AmpliFund to apply for and manage grants awarded by DED.

Application Guidelines & Grant Administration


TitleFile TypeDate
DED Minimum Rehab StandardsPDFDecember 16, 2021
Grantee Implementation ScheduleExcelDecember 16, 2021
Homebuyer – Program Guidelines ChecklistWordDecember 16, 2021
HTF 2018 Chapter 1 IntroductionWordDecember 16, 2021
HTF 2018 Chapter 2 ApplicationsWordDecember 16, 2021
HTF 2018 Chapter 3 ExhibitsWordDecember 16, 2021
HTF ProformaExcelDecember 16, 2021
HTF Rehabilitation StandardsWordDecember 16, 2021
Nebraska Site Review FormPDFSeptember 6, 2022

Forms & Templates

Contract Special Conditions Forms & Templates
TitleFile TypeDate
HTF Grantee Information Sheet FormWordDecember 17, 2021
NAHTF_HOME_Grantee_Information_SheetPDFDecember 9, 2021
Request for FundsWordDecember 17, 2021
Template_Authorization to Request FundsWordDecember 17, 2021
Performance of HTF Contract Forms
TitleFile TypeDate
HOME Activity Set-Up Report and InstructionsPDFDecember 17, 2021
HTF Contract Amendment RequestWordDecember 17, 2021
HTF Contract Amendment RequestPDFDecember 17, 2021

Environmental Review Record Forms by Level of Review

Categorically Excluded Not Subject To (CENST)

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