DED’s Lyndsy Jenness presenting to Mayor Rod Koch at August 10 City Council meeting.

DED’s Lyndsy Jenness presenting to Mayor Rod Koch at August 10 City Council meeting.


 August 12, 2020 (LINCOLN)—The Department of Economic Development (DED) has recognized South Sioux City (pop.12,838) as one of Nebraska’s leading communities for success in business and industry growth. Infrastructure expansions, industry attraction efforts and ongoing housing developments led to the city’s continued membership in the Economic Development Certified Community (EDCC) program. DED Business Development Consultant Lyndsy Jenness honored City leaders during a special presentation on Monday, August 10.

South Sioux City is one of 40 Nebraska communities to earn EDCC status in the program, sponsored by the Nebraska Diplomats and administered by DED. State officials established the EDCC program in 2005 to recognize communities for preparedness to attract new industries and grow existing businesses. As part of the certification process, qualifying communities must identify a well-defined program that actively engages with their existing business community and offers a supportive environment for welcoming new economic development projects. This includes documenting available sites and buildings, local financing and incentive programs, and a strategic plan for economic development. The City earned recognition in the EDCC program in 2006, followed by two additional certifications prior to its most recent recertification in 2020.

Over the past five years, 17 South Sioux City business leaders invested approximately $220,434,887 in economic development projects. In addition, City leaders have made significant investments in a number of infrastructure improvements. A 100-acre acre park, originally created for a large data center, was converted into a light industrial park to address current economic needs. The City also invested in a $46 million wastewater and water storage project, improvements to a natural gas electric plant and a battery storage project to support municipal utility expansions. Area economic officials partnered with NextEra and the Nebraska Environmental Trust to create the first battery storage project of its kind in the Midwest.

Collaboration with leaders in nearby Dakota City resulted in the creation of South Sioux City’s Roth Industrial Park, which established shovel-ready sites to attract new and growing businesses.

“Site preparedness remains an important part of strategic growth for Nebraska’s EDCC’s,” Nebraska Diplomats President Dan Duncan said. “In addition, strong relationships are often vital when it comes to a community’s efforts to recruit new businesses. South Sioux City leaders have significantly increased the region’s number of available sites by partnering with a neighboring city, which is often attractive for companies searching for new areas to expand.”

As leaders within the state’s EDCC’s continue to recognize the need for safe and affordable housing, several projects in South Sioux City are underway. Winnebago-based Ho-Chunk, Inc., has plans to develop a residential community adjacent to the Missouri River in South Sioux City with more than 1,000 apartments, townhouses and homes. The Flatwater Crossing development will also feature a Village Center with retail, restaurants and office space.

Completion of more than 300 apartment units by RoyDon Development is anticipated within the next 12-18 months. Construction was recently completed on a 29 home project in Odgen subdivision, and plans are ongoing for 40 additional homes in the subdivision. Construction of 40 new homes are also underway in the Hovey subdivision. A Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Home project for low to moderate income individuals will be completed by students enrolled in a construction trade class through a partnership with South Sioux City Community Schools.

South Sioux City Mayor Rod Koch emphasized the importance of strategic planning and local leadership to prepare for new economic development opportunities. “The certification process and subsequent recertification continues to help improve the South Sioux City community,” Mayor Koch said. “Our focus on economic and community planning, as well as our ability to prepare and apply for grants while using other resources, complement our efforts to succeed within the EDCC program. Doing so will help our community be prepared and proactive when it comes to plans for future growth.”

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