Start Your Business

We’re probably not the first to tell you, “You can do it.”

You’re an entrepreneur. You know you can. We know you can. They know you can. So let’s get on with it. We’d like to be the first person to tell you, “Here’s why you should start your dream in Nebraska.” Click here to contact a DED Business Development Specialist in your region!
People just kind of like each other here.

It’s far from cutthroat. In fact, the entrepreneurial spirit in Nebraska is (dare we say) extremely supportive. You’ll be able to personally connect with fellow business-starters for advice, encouragement, or just socializing.

Success starts with hard work. And we work hard.

If you think this concept is out-dated, maybe Nebraska isn’t for you. We’re big believers in hard work and challenge you to find a state that works harder than we do. Not like ruthless, unforgiving, 24/7 work. We know how to celebrate victories and enjoy the moment, too.

When you stay,
you go far.

Our commitment to start-ups and business owners isn’t just lip service. After you’re up and running, we’ll help you grow.

Besides, fostering growth is in Nebraska’s nature.

Need a few more reasons to set up shop in Nebraska?