The Nebraska Department of Economic Development (DED) has selected Sunseo Omega, Inc. — a native South Korean company based out of Nebraska Innovation Campus — to receive a $100,000 Academic Research and Development grant.

Administered by DED, Nebraska Academic R&D grants are competitive grants that support the advancement of innovative products and services utilizing applied research, facilities or faculty originating from a Nebraska college or university.

The R&D grant program is a subprogram of the Nebraska Businesses Innovation Act, which was passed by the Governor and State Legislature in 2011 to support the growth of Nebraska’s small businesses while promoting the state’s high-tech, high-growth industries.

Applicants under the R&D program must demonstrate how they plan to utilize Nebraska institutions of higher education for their research and development needs, and how the funded project will stimulate growth-oriented spinoffs or new product lines. Any for-profit business with physical operations based in Nebraska is eligible to apply.

Sunseo Omega, an animal agriculture company, will use its R&D grant to develop Omega 3 enriched animal feed for beef and dairy cattle. The project leverages cutting-edge research conducted by faculty and scientists from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln (UNL) – a recognized global leader in agriculture and animal science. The facilities at Nebraska Innovation Campus provide Sunseo Omega ideal access to university faculty and resources.

Ultimately, Sunseo Omega’s new products are projected to enhance Nebraska beef production and increase the state’s expansion into Asian consumer markets, where Omega 3 enriched beef products are in high demand.

Due to the innovative nature of its project, Sunseo Omega qualified for a “value added agriculture” grant designation, reducing the company’s matching requirements to 25% of the awarded amount.

“This project is a great example of the value of Academic Research and Development grants, not only to companies pursuing innovation, but to Nebraska’s academic institutions, which continue to produce cutting-edge research,” said DED Director Dave Rippe. “This is one of many resources our agency can offer to support business growth and ultimately boost Nebraska’s industry competitiveness. We encourage any company seeking to partner or conduct research with a Nebraska college or university to contact us for assistance.”

For more information about the Business Innovation Act or the Academic R&D grant, visit the DED website at, or contact DED’s Ben Kuspa at 402-471-3794 or