Nearly $7.1 million in CDBG funding will support economic development, quality-of-life improvements in Nebraska communities while benefiting low-to-moderate income individuals, families.

The Nebraska Department of Economic Development (DED) is announcing the recipients of $7,098,776 in funding from the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program.

The CDBG program is federally funded through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). DED is responsible for administering CDBG funds in the state’s non-metropolitan areas. CDBG funds enable communities to make needed improvements to infrastructure; improve housing conditions for low-income homeowners; provide public facilities that serve the entire community and make transformative downtown improvements, among other projects.

“Nebraska continues to grow, and we’re upgrading our infrastructure to support and sustain this growth,” said Governor Pete Ricketts. “These CDBG awards will support downtown revitalization, housing rehab and publics works improvements in many of our communities.”

Through a competitive application process, DED makes CDBG funds available to local units of government for use on projects that benefit low-and moderate-income persons and prevent or eliminate slum and blight conditions.

“It is truly inspiring that at any given moment there are many, many people across Nebraska devoting huge amounts of their time and energy to challenging projects, knowing the end result will improve people’s lives and better their communities,” said DED Director Anthony L. Goins. “The CDBG program is invaluable because, as an adaptable source of funding, it can reduce the burden of financing projects and help communities turn their visions into reality.”

DED awarded the following applications through the CDBG program categories of owner-occupied rehabilitation, public works and downtown revitalization.

  • Columbus ($206,469), Hastings ($435,000), Laurel ($445,000), Pender ($445,000), Sutton ($405,000), Wood River ($445,000) and York ($445,000) were awarded a total of $2,826,469 for downtown revitalization activities involving commercial rehabilitation and streetscape improvements.
  • Fairbury ($315,000), Fairmont ($315,000), Wahoo ($547,000) and Wymore ($315,000) were awarded a total of $1,492,000 under the category of Owner-Occupied Housing Rehabilitation, which will result in the rehabilitation of 51 housing units.
  • Fordyce ($434,000), Gresham ($216,307), Nemaha ($390,000), Pawnee City ($435,000), St. Edward ($435,000), Wayne ($435,000) and Weston ($435,000) were awarded a total of $2,780,307 under the category of Public Works for street improvements; street and drainage infrastructure; two community centers; and a fire station.

For more information about the CDBG program, including how to apply, visit the DED website at