The Nebraska Department of Economic Development (DED), The Economic Recovery Special Committee of the Legislature (Special Committee), and Olsson submit this coordinated message to provide clarity on the coordinated plan addressed in Neb. Rev. Stat. 81-12,241. The Special Committee has contracted with Olsson, a Nebraska based engineering and design firm, to develop a coordinated plan for the qualified census tracts (QCTs) within the city of Omaha. DED will develop a coordinated plan to address the needs of the QCTs located outside of Omaha. Olsson’s coordinated plan is due December 15, 2022, and DED’s coordinated plan will be completed December 15, 2022. The two coordinated plans will be used by DED and the Special Committee as a guide to implement grant applications for the identified opportunities. 

Questions regarding Olsson’s coordinated plan for the Special Committee should be directed to State Senator Justin Wayne, Chairperson, Economic Recovery Special Committee, at Questions regarding DED’s coordinated plan should be directed to Trevon Brooks, Chief Strategy Officer, at