The Nebraska Department of Economic Development (DED) will hold a public comment period from February 4 to 18, 2021, to accept citizen remarks regarding a proposed amendment to the State’s 2020-21 Qualified Acton Plan for the Intern Nebraska (InternNE) grant program.

The Department is piloting an internship grant with the remaining InternNE funds. The pilot program will change student eligibility requirements and provide additional grant funds to businesses who are hiring interns once the internship is complete. The intent is to focus on the state’s retention and recruitment of college seniors and graduates.

The InternNE grant program is authorized in Nebraska Revised Statutes at §§81-1210.01 to §§81-1210.03. The Qualified Action Plan sets forth DED’s priorities and selection criteria for awarding grants, as well as strategies for affirmatively marketing internships to Nebraska students in high schools, colleges, universities and other institutions of higher education in Nebraska.

Copies of the proposed 2020-2021 Qualified Action Plan amendment will be available starting February 4, 2021, on DED’s website:; they can also be requested from Rose Baker at 800-426-6505, 402-471-3111 or

Comments will be accepted starting February 4. Mail written comments by February 18, 2021, to: Rose Baker, Nebraska Department of Economic Development, P.O. Box 94666, Lincoln NE 68509-4666. Or, email comments to