Why Nebraska?

You shouldn’t judge a person by where they’re from. But we’d be okay if you did.


The proof is in the people. We’re not ashamed to say our largest attraction isn’t a 60-story building or the sound of ocean waves. It’s our people. There’s a reason we’re known for a strong work ethic, honest business operations, and intelligently grounded minds.

Let’s work together.

Cost of Doing Business

Expenses are easy to measure. They’re numbers. We’ll show you how low your expenses can be here. But what about the less quantifiable? The cost of safe neighborhoods. The cost of a friendly atmosphere. A family atmosphere. The cost of a good life.

We’ll show you that, too.

Targeted Industries

We don’t mean to brag, but some call us tech geeks. And some call us farmers. And logistic experts. And researchers. Some call us bio scientists. And alternative energy seekers.

Find out what else people call us.


Ours aren’t tricky bait with mysterious allure. Our incentives are just meant to provide further motivation for economic development. And they are constantly enhanced to meet the needs of business expansion. Pretty simple.

See for yourself.


We’re right in the middle of it all, making for a perfect transportation hub. Railroads, ideal interstates, and arguably America’s busiest intercontinental highway—it’s all right here. So, whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, you’ll find it fairly easy here.

Welcome to the middle of everywhere.

Quality of Life

Ask ten Nebraskans why they love Nebraska. Nine will say, “quality of life,” and one will say something synonymous. It may not be the number one reason for moving here. But we guarantee it’s the number one reason for staying here.

Enjoy the state. Enjoy the state of mind.

We’re human. We’re helpful.

Joe Fox

Director of Business Development

Let Joe know if you need help. He’s great at answering questions.

402-471-8604 | joe.fox@nebraska.gov