Program Guidelines

Each program guide further details funding opportunities identified in the CDBG-DR Action Plan, including program goals and objectives, application processes, and implementation and compliance considerations. Where necessary, changes to policies and procedures will be incorporated into the associated program guides and so noted in the respective Record of Changes therein. 

In order to facilitate program implementation, in supplement to each program guide, DED established a toolkit. Toolkit materials are listed under each program guide below and include documents, forms, and templates. Such materials help the state, its subrecipients, and other stakeholders work within the policies and procedures described in the program guide and set expectations for successful outcomes. If you have questions about materials within the toolkit, contact the DR Team by emailing   

This CDBG-DR funding is available to aid in the long-term recovery efforts to help mitigate damages from flooding and other weather-related incidents in 2019 (DR-4420). HUD requires that at least 80% of the programmatic funds be spent in the areas that HUD defines as most impacted and distressed (MID). The HUD designated MID area includes Dodge, Douglas, and Sarpy counties.

Housing Resilience Planning

Infrastructure Match Program

TitleFile TypeDate
00: Infrastructure Match Program GuidePDFJune 7, 2024
01: DRAFT Notice of Award – Non Selection TemplateWordDecember 29, 2022
02: HMGP Pre-ApplicationPDFDecember 29, 2022
03: NOI Opt Out LetterPDFDecember 29, 2022
04: NOI Outreach LetterPDFDecember 29, 2022
05: PA HMGP Application for Funding Template GuideExcelDecember 29, 2022
06: PA Pre-ApplicationPDFDecember 29, 2022
07: Process FlowPDFDecember 29, 2022

Affordable Housing Construction Program

TitleFile TypeDate
00: Homeownership Production Program GuidePDFMarch 12, 2024
00: LIHTC Program GuidePDFMarch 12, 2024
00: Small Rental Program GuidePDFMarch 12, 2024
01: Small Rental Application GuidelinesPDFMarch 20, 2024
02: Application Overview SlidesPowerPointMarch 21, 2024
03 Small Rental FAQPDFJune 4, 2024
04: ExhibitszipMarch 21, 2024

Risk Awareness Planning Program