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The federal Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program provides funding for community and economic development projects in order to encourage additional federal, state and private resource investment. Communities receiving CDBG funds use the grants to provide safe and sanitary housing, a suitable living environment and expanded economic opportunities. The Nebraska Department of Economic Development (DED) administers the CDBG program for most of the state. Due to population size, some cities in Nebraska are the administrators of the CDBG program in their communities. DED receives federal funds for CDBG from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) on an annual basis.


  • DED’s Fiscal Year End deadline for payment requests is Monday, June 3, 2024. Draws submitted after this date will not be processed until July 2024.
  • Application Guidelines Webinar, June 5
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  • 2024 CDBG Certified Grant Manager Training:
    October 8, 9, 10; 2024


Recent Updates

Communities can apply to use those funds for the planning and construction of projects that:

  • Benefit low and moderate-income persons.
  • Prevent or eliminate slum or blight conditions.
  • Solve catastrophic health and safety threats.

Is my community eligible?
Every Nebraska county or incorporated municipality not designated as a CDBG Entitlement Community is eligible to apply for funding through DED. The CDBG Entitlement Communities of Lincoln, Omaha, Bellevue and Grand Island administer the program in their own areas. Based on the category of CDBG funding requested, general rules regarding eligibility can differ; refer to the CDBG Application Guidelines for more detailed information on eligibility.

How can my community apply?
If an applicant’s project addresses a CDBG national objective and meets other eligibility requirements, a completed application for the appropriate funding opportunity is submitted to DED by a deadline. Applicants submit their proposals via an application portal. Once the application portal becomes available, links to each open funding opportunity will be listed below. Typically, successful applicants complete their project within 24 months of an award.

CDBG Funding Opportunities & Application Deadlines

Economic Development

Loans to businesses or infrastructure construction projects undertaken for economic development purposes.

Application Period: July 1, 2024 to June 30, 2025

Public Works - Infrastructure

Sewer and water systems, drainage improvements, streets, sidewalks, removal of architectural barriers, and other public infrastructure.

Application Deadline: Sept. 15, 2024


Supports project-related studies, data collection, paths to implementation, and the preparation of plans, such as housing studies, comprehensive plans, downtown revitalization plans and historic preservation studies.

Application Deadline: Sept. 15, 2024

Tourism Development

Funding is for tourist attractions expected to draw 2,500 visits annually.

Application Period: July 1, 2024 to June 30, 2025

Public Works - Facilities

Fire stations & trucks, non-profit daycare centers, senior centers, community centers, libraries, tornado shelters, removal of architectural barriers, parks.

Application Deadline: Sept. 15, 2024

Downtown Revitalization

Revitalization efforts located within the downtown business district, including historic restoration; removal of architectural barriers; and/or loans to businesses for façade improvements, signage, and/or to meet community codes.

Application Deadline: Sept. 15, 2024

Grant Management Resources

This page will provide technical assistance on using AmpliFund to apply for and manage grants awarded by DED.

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