We can sing Nebraska’s praises all day long, but the proof is in the pudding. Data, economic trends, research reports, statistics, profiles, and demographics … you can find them all here. DED is eager to assist with tools, information, and assistance to make your vision a reality.
We invite you to explore, use and share our brand-new economic development tool, BottomliNE. BottomliNE is a convenient website that’s designed to provide users with valuable, easy-to-digest insights into the Nebraska economy. Created using trusted sources , BottomliNE makes it easy to see how Nebraska ranks compared to other states in terms of key performance metrics. The goal is to provide a clear and unbiased picture that can inform and help support a wide variety of economic development efforts — from goal setting and prioritization to recruiting job creators, and everything in-between. Visit

The Nebraska Department of Economic Development contracted with SRI International to provide a detailed assessment of Nebraska’s economic development ecosystem. Included in this assessment are analyses of targeted industries in Nebraska, the Nebraska Advantage Act and other incentive programs, Nebraska’s workforce, and infrastructure. The following report, “Nebraska’s Next Economy: Goals, Policies and Practices for the Economic Development Ecosystem,” is the result of that contract. In addition to the analysis of ecosystem, the report suggests goals and best practices for improving the state’s ecosystem.

The Nebraska Department of Economic engaged SRI to perform a high-level assessment of Nebraska’s innovation ecosystem. In the following report titled Supporting Innovation-Led Growth in Nebraska, SRI identifies gaps and opportunities that the state can target for future investment.

Since 2013, the Nebraska Departments of Economic Development and Labor collaborated on surveys designed to measure labor availability and employer needs throughout Nebraska.

The Bureau of Business Research at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln also produced skills gap reports based on the results from data received from individuals and employers in Nebraska. These reports summarize information about job skills in Nebraska and whether skills gaps are present.

More than a dozen of the State’s employment centers are covered in these studies. Access all the reports here.

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