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Nebraska Affordable Housing
Trust Fund (NAHTF)

The Nebraska Affordable Housing Trust Fund is a resource to help increase the supply and improve the quality of affordable housing in Nebraska. The NAHTF provides matching funds for federal resources, and aims to serve the lowest-income individuals for the longest period of time.

What projects are eligible for NAHTF grants? 
NAHTF provides funding for housing projects and capacity building/operating assistance to stimulate the development of safe, decent and affordable housing.

Who is eligible to apply?
Eligible applicants for NAHTF awards include local and governmental subdivisions, public housing authorities, community action agencies, and community-based, neighborhood-based, or reservation-based nonprofit 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(4) organizations. Applicants may partner with for-profit developers, builders, lenders, human service providers, and state or federal agencies. The eligible applicant organization must be the applicant for the NAHTF funds.

How do I apply?
If an applicant’s project meets eligibility requirements, a completed application for the appropriate funding category is submitted to the Department of Economic Development by a deadline. Typically, successful applicants complete their project within 24 months of an award.

Data for Applicants & Grantees

Rent, Income, Subsidy and Value Limits.


This page will provide technical assistance on using AmpliFund to apply for and manage grants awarded by DED.

Plans & Reports

Nebraska Affordable Housing Trust Fund (NAHTF) Qualified Allocation Plan (QAP)

Contact DED Housing

Regional contact information for DED’s housing staff members.

NAHTF Funding Categories

Homebuyer Projects

Homebuyer Projects are designed to finance new construction, acquisition and/or rehabilitation of existing units and/or provide homebuyer assistance in the form of down payment and/or closing costs. Projects must serve eligible homebuyers that make at or below 120% area median income.

Rental Housing

Rental Housing projects are designed to finance the new construction, or the acquisition and/or rehabilitation of multi-family rental units.  Projects must ensure a portion of or all units are affordable to tenants making at or below 120% of area median income.

Homeowner Rehabilitation

Homeowner Rehabilitation projects provide financing to assist owner-occupants with the repair, rehabilitation, or reconstruction of their homes.

Technical Assistance & Capacity Building

Technical Assistance projects assist eligible nonprofit, community or neighborhood-based organizations by providing financial resources to undertake activities that will increase their capacity for creating affordable housing. 

NAHTF Housing Development Application

Application Period:

Open Date – 
Close Date – 

NAHTF Technical Assistance Application

Application Period:

Open Date – 
Close Date – 

Application Guidelines & Grant Administration

Application Guidelines

Grant Administration 

NAHTF Policy Memos 

Training & Workshops

2022 NAHTF Recorded Workshops
Register for Open Office Hours:
2021 State Agency Trainings

Part 1, State Agency Training for NAHTF projects:

Part 2, State Agency Training for NAHTF projects:

Nebraska Game & Parks Commission

 Department of Health & Human Services


 Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy


Forms & Templates

Contract Special Conditions Forms & Templates
Performance of NAHTF Contract Forms
TitleFile TypeDate
NAHTF Request for Funds FormWordOctober 17, 2022
Reporting Forms & Templates

Environmental Review Record Forms by Level of Review

TitleFile TypeDate
24 CFR 58.6 – Other RequirementsWordDecember 14, 2021
Determination of Level of ReviewWordDecember 14, 2021
Finding of Exempt ActivityDecember 14, 2021


Categorically Excluded Not Subject To (CENST)
TitleFile TypeDate
24 CFR 58.6 – Other RequirementsWordDecember 14, 2021
Determination of Level of ReviewWordDecember 14, 2021
Finding of CENST Activity FormWordDecember 14, 2021

Data for Applicants and Grantees

Income Limits

NAHTF Income Limits

    Home Value and After-Rehab Limits
    Rent Limits

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